Compared with copying the’ door’ in the previous individual areas, it is helpful to modify the map and brush the abyss. A few days ago, this bug was called "the biggest bug in history" and it really deserved its name.

In November, there was an emergency maintenance in China, and many players were worried that they might have to return to the file.
At that time, Erxiu was so worried, but Tianyu was very calm.
After emergency maintenance, official website gave a lot of lists of accounts that were permanently blocked. These people probably made this bug.
The so-called most **ug means that all kinds of things that can be exchanged can be exchanged in a specific picture in a certain way.
If there are some impressions, players will definitely remember them at this time.
Yes, it is in death tower that you can "exchange" easy methods and "exchange" easy things.
Are you afraid that the equipment that can be’ delivered’ has been unsealed? Then the epic equipment is also unsealed, so you know what movies, dragons and Tara weapons are. If someone is willing to’ spend’ money and others are willing to sell them, isn’t that a deal?
Isn’t that scary?
Well, see clearly that the object is easy to communicate with, not the equipment, that is to say, the game data can be easily communicated through this bug.
Sp points of’ sex’ stones can be obtained by completing various kinds of tasks.
These two things are definitely more raw than sashimi for new players now.
But at that time, the growth of characters was’ sex’, not only by upgrading, but also by doing all kinds of stones, and sp points were not directly obtained by upgrading, but by doing all kinds of things.
Therefore, these two things cannot be’ handed over’ and are easily consumed.
Since you can’t’ exchange’ things, magical things will happen in the tower …
Can you imagine how big the gap between the god and the poor will be in such a powerful bug?
Have you seen all the skill departments filled with corners? Have you ever seen the situation in off the charts where Jiaose Street is’ sex’ perfect?
Dnf history **ug let us witness the miracle.
Well, in the end, the miracle is just that once the flowers are discovered, the local tyrants will not be able to withstand the sanctions, and those accounts will be permanent.
Some of this has hardly given those malicious bug players a chance to turn over a new leaf.
But at that time, the number of these players was only nine, and Niu Yi Mao also played a role in killing chickens and making an example.
This method may be associated with a later bug.
"Put the consumable or consumable materials in the mail, then click Send, and then es cancels. Things still stay in the bag, and then take out things that need to be’ handed in’, such as rocks, sp points or ss equipment, and drag them to the front consumption or material position, and then’ color’ them into death tower." Tianyu watched the bug tutorial video and recorded the whole process in his heart.
"It seems to be somewhat similar to the later bug … and so on. Now the conditions have been met. Maybe the bug can now or maybe it should appear at this time? Come on, let it go first. Anyway, it’s good to know the number in your heart. "Tianyu thought so.
Yesterday, in the game, people were in a panic, and Master Qi was even more nervous. He asked Tianyu if he would go back to the file.
Such a good opportunity, of course, Tianyu will tell the truth and "will not go back."
Another reassurance.
Although Tianyu didn’t know what was in Seven Ye’s stomach at this moment, he also poured this something on him.
But Tianyu has his own ideas, and both of them are busy with their own ideas.
Sure enough, the game has not changed dramatically in this generation. This time, there is still no file back, which is just a ban on illegal accounts.
"No matter what, it’s all over. I didn’t say anything to the staff in that department." Tianyu replied to the second whew.
"Enma is another year. I don’t know what business opportunities dnf will have in 11 years. Anyway, we really have a bottom in one year!" Two whew some exciting typing way
"Don’t worry, I am here! We can’t lose money if the staff of that department are still willing to cooperate with me! " Tianyu confident typing way
Living day by day has reached the last few days of the year.
On January 4 th, the experience opened the warehouse lock, but this function was officially available in several areas, and it was not popularized to all regions until later.
On Saturday, January 5, Tianyu and Erxiu began to attack the city by monsters. Because of the counterattack valley, it is still necessary for the majority of players to taste it.
Chapter 566 Counterattack Valley
Today is Christmas, although it is a western holiday, but the jubilation of the Chinese people seems to be spoiled, and children can’t help but come out naughty when there is a holiday. Besides, the business of selling apples on the so-called "Christmas Eve" last night was so good that there were few accidents last night.
Life is generally the same. If you are not absolutely sure, there will always be accidents or unexpected surprises to disturb yourself.
It happened that January 5th was Saturday, and Tianyu and Erxiu teamed up to attack the city with monsters.
In fact, the monster siege game is very simple, that is, rl plus the left mouse button challenges siege monsters. There are many kinds of siege monsters, and if you pursue siege times, you really have to choose one carefully.
If the player dies, he will go into a frozen state
Each monster shape represents several kinds of monsters, among which the more advanced monsters are bloodthirsty cat demon and mechanical ox king
Challenge the bloodthirsty cat demon, there will be’ fine’ English monsters such as Knight Wang or stubborn haneke, among which the most threatening’ sex’ for full-level accounts is the guardian knight, because it can hurt other monsters and send monster heads.
But these advanced monsters are more suitable for non-full players, because after killing such monsters, their experience will be much higher than other monsters
Therefore, the pursuit of full-level players is the number of siege times, and naturally they will find the easiest monster to challenge.
"Target once!" Tianyu to two xiu typing way
"Do you want to spell this …" Two whew shame typing replied.
Although official website didn’t say it, the fact is that when the monster attacks the city once, it will also give a town the title of "red" town with a moving speed of 3%.
Generation Tianyu has never won this title, but he met others in post bars and forums. At that time, most of them were brushed out, which was more or less regrettable.
Is it possible to successfully defeat a siege monster in half an hour?
It is really impossible to brush alone, but it can be achieved in the team situation, because the strange blood volume will not increase with the increase of the number of people in the team.
When drawing, it is mainly consumed in picking up the ground and dropping the material surface.
Tianyu and Erxiu are desperately trying to grab the monster base, both looking for octopus monsters, and the map selection is in the map of monsters near gsd, which is quite fast.
Half an hour later …
"It seems that two people can’t do it 86 times." Tianyu looked at the right corner and shook his head and laughed.
"Well, it’s time to attack the valley. I don’t know what this picture looks like yet." Erxiu said and moved towards the snow-capped mountains.
Tianyu immediately went.
"Although it will be a long time before Goblin will bear the burden, just brush the materials and wait. Anyway, it’s nothing now." Tianyu heart way
Tianyu was left to abortion in the process of concentrating the’ essence’ marrow and cashing the contradictory crystal.
Abortion this person is’ quite’ enthusiastic handout spirit, but … Although I have feelings, I don’t have the initiative, and Xiao Ye hasn’t been able to pierce this layer of paper.
Some people insist on calculating the debt of gratitude, so Tianyu has to "trouble" Abortion to owe her a favor, and then quickly return it.

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