"Is it not a military course? What’s the big deal? Anyway, the main business or the main military is also compulsory, but how can you not win the main position? "

Bird tried to say himself.
"Is Mr. Zhang at home?"
I don’t know how long I thought about it. Bird felt that after all, some faces couldn’t let go and were ready to pack the parcel again. A female voice came at the door.
"It turned out that the princess was far away!"
Bird hurried out to greet JianLi.
"I heard that Mr. Zhang and Liuguang had an argument, so I came to have a look."
Zhao Yi smiled into Zhang Yuan’s house and found a stool to sit on.
"I’m a peacemaker and I’m here to spend time with you."
"This ….. has gone too far, and it’s not bad to want to come and say it …"
Bird will still do it along the donkey slope, otherwise it’s really pedantic
"Yeah, yeah, that’s good. I heard from Liuguang that there is still a physics subject, which is a good thing. This knowledge is that my two brothers are very interested in it, and the vast family business in Jianjiazhuang is inextricably linked with this physics knowledge!"
Bird suddenly petrified! Why is this coming up again?
Chapter one hundred and forty-one Bad news
Setting up a natural science course in a private school is a simple idea. Of course, the textbook is very time-consuming. It’s better to be simple than to miss Zhao Yu, who is far away in Hangzhou. He is a good student. He can definitely make a physics subject by sorting out some of his own things!
Of course, now there is another choice besides Zhao Yu, Zhang Jian, who is a good student and also interested in natural science.
So Jane told Zhang Jian about her thoughts, and then this fellow came immediately, shouting loudly and saying that she could ask for leave from the Ministry of Industry.
This man definitely has the potential to be a scientist. Every dynasty officials don’t always know how to fight in court. The conspirators occasionally appear a few wonderful flowers to promote the development of Chinese national science. Otherwise, there are no four great things!
It may be that Zhang Jian passed the news out, and when Jane officially told Zhang Jian, there were three more people, two from the Ministry of Industry and one from the Ministry of Ritual.
Everyone in the Ministry of Industry paid it back, but what’s the fun of this Ministry? But Jane can welcome you. After all, the more people there are, the more they can share their work in the future.
Physical knowledge explains some natural phenomena and principles in this world, and it is also matched with specific experimental methods. This learning method makes Zhang Jian, including four people, naturally admire Jane more and more, and has already regarded Jane as a teacher.
"sir! Farewell! "
When Jane came out of the small kitchen, she suddenly fell behind and waited for everyone else to leave, so she smiled at Jane.
"Sir, I heard that Mr. Zhuang recruited Mr. Private School. I don’t know if there is any hope for Mr. Zhuang?"
Jane was immediately shocked by this fellow.
"How many officials are you?"
"Shamed students are just nine! How many officials does this private school gentleman have? "
"No, just ask casually. If you are interested, of course I will recruit teachers. You also need someone to teach this physics subject. If you come, there will be no less than 20 monthly bonuses, as well as holiday subsidies, cold charcoal, quilt and housing subsidies, which will be no less than 400 a year!"
This figure makes the nine immortal shivered.
"Er, it’s a good feeling to go back and discuss with two wives and concubines and give Chengshilang an approval letter one day!"
This fellow is a little excited. Two wives and two concubines. This big secret has been leaked. Think about it, it’s also this fellow. It’s common to have four wives and children with nine officials and a monthly salary, but it’s common to be afraid of financial constraints
One more thing, although he can resign from his real job in the Ministry of Industry, he can at least hang nine titles and receive professional title salary, which is already a great deal!
"If you have worked in my villa for 15 years and waited for 60 years to retire, you can still pay thousands of dollars at a time and get your original salary every month!"
This sentence is the most lethal.
Suddenly, this fellow was shocked and sat down on the ground, and hurriedly got up. Without considering that his buttocks were covered with dust, he directly pointed at Jane and said, "I’ve seen the owner … why don’t we sign an agreement now?"
This fellow can’t wait!
"Don’t go home and discuss with your wife?"
"Discuss what? I still can’t be the master of this family? I see who dares to oppose going home and letting her kneel on the bed pedal and top the toilet! "
"Is it necessary to avoid this … such a confidential matter?"
"This ….. don’t …" The nine immortal smiled awkwardly, and then Jane crossed home after repeated assurances.
Another frustrated person, but also a very realistic person!
There are too many immortal in DaSong. These grass-roots civil servants who work at the bottom of various departments in DaSong are generally difficult to get promoted for decades if they are not talented or rich and have michel platini. There are also people like them who are still suffering in JiuGuan in their forties.
At this time, it’s better to retreat and choose something with more money. It’s better to take a job without pay in Dasong. If people like this fellow are not well-paid and lustful to marry two wives and concubines, it’s definitely better for Jianjiazhuang to engage in high-paying education than the right choice.
Because you can’t get a high salary here, what’s more important is that it’s a plaque titled "The First Private School in Heaven" by the Holy Imperial Pen. Being able to teach a private school here is more enviable and hateful than being called a private school in a general village.
This fellow has gone home.
Sure enough, this fellow signed a contract with Jane the next day, but Jane personally said that she would take the exam again after the knowledge was given. If she failed, she would not want this person to agree with her.
But there is no windtight wall. This fellow has been in a daze all day, and his mouth hangs a smirk from time to time.
It’s not common sense to say that this fellow has signed a contract with Jane when people ask him, but it’s really reluctant to expect people to have common sense in this era!
Even Zhang Jian is envious, not to mention the other two, especially the official who does not do the same thing with a subordinate word in front of it.
"This … the owner is hiring …?"
This owner has said it, and it seems that he really wants to integrate himself into Jianjiacheng as one of them!
"You ask yourself? The owner said! Even if the exam is unqualified, don’t! "
"This is not a problem … brothers don’t ask for me …"
"It’s hard for the owner to promise people so easily!"
The two men were so overjoyed that they couldn’t close their mouths!
Zhang Jian looked at the three men and went straight to find Jane.
"Sir …"
"Oh, brother Jian will call me sir? We are equal brothers and don’t identify with each other! "
Jane saw Zhang Jian come over and let him sit down and let Sanya have tea.
"Excuse me, Brother Liuguang has hired these people to be Mr. Li in a private school?"
"Alas, few people who know this subject are willing to learn, and few scholars. These people are not satisfied with officialdom and have to come to me to mix new knowledge. It’s also because they are quite speculative to me, but what’s not good for me? They will give this subject to me and train more new talents?"
Jane’s sighing seems to be a last resort, but the root cause is that Jane has her own future plan.
Whether to take the proper way of imperial examination, the remote way of new natural science or the military training route will make Jianjiazhuang invincible in the future.
The imperial examination can promote Jianjiazhuang’s political status, new science can create endless wealth, and the military can rely on Jianjiazhuang’s future changes.
"To tell the truth, although Dasong looks prosperous and rich now, the real crisis is still lurking. Three redundancies are a heavy shackle, and foreigners are a sharp sword hanging over their heads. If you don’t plan early, you will be afraid that it will collapse immediately when the crisis breaks out!"

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