The media put Messi and Manchester City together. Of course, it was reported that Messi was already unhappy in Barcelona, but on the other hand, it was suspected that Manchester City did not have enough big fish tanks. How can it hold such a big fish?

For Manchester City, this is not a question of whether it is possible, but whether the other side is willing or not.
Generally speaking, Manchester City fans are still in a good mood so far this summer. Of course, except those who have been "spoiled" and "juvenile control" by Lin Sen, the situation of Manchester City signing is still in the smell stage today, but it has gradually become clear.
Confirm that it is very likely to leave the team, and two players are from the back line.
Richards and Nastasic.
The former is a youth player who has been watched by Manchester City fans grow up and can always be forgiven in the situation, while the latter was once regarded as the core of Manchester City’s defense in the next decade.
Now both of them are in trouble in Manchester City.
In an interview with reporters, pellegrini has intentionally hinted that neither of the two players is in his new season plan. "Richards needs a chance, but this position has become saturated after the arrival of Sagna. Richards can stay and accept the competition, but frankly, I can guarantee his position …
Nastasic? His situation is similar to that of Richards. There is no doubt that he is an important player, but the most beneficial thing for him is to stabilize the chances. "
Finally, pellegrini didn’t forget to add, of course, about the transfer market. I think you should ask Lin, who knows better than me.
So the media really found Lin Sen, and when Lin Sen was driving to leave Manchester City headquarters, he was blocked by reporters at the door. Lin Sen could certainly see them, but he knew that if they didn’t answer their questions, they would probably not let it go. Lin Sen simply stopped through the window and answered a few of their most heartfelt questions.
Richards and Nastasic? We have received several interesting quotations, but we are still evaluating them.
Porto manager Rodrigo? He is good at expressing his opinion on whether I am an amateur manager or not. If the standard is the price, then I don’t think I mind being an amateur manager, Mangala? He is an excellent player and a player we are interested in, but we accept reasonable things. Let me use a simple metaphor to say that the era of buying silver at the price of gold and selling it at the price of stone has passed.
Answering the media is always half-true, half-fake, half-baked, half-covered.
Of course, Lin Sen didn’t mean to hide it, but the fact is that even if you tell the truth, you may not necessarily believe them.
For Nastasic and Richards, Linsen did not lie. After these two players entered the transfer market, Linsen did receive several offers. There are two Nastasic families, one is Serie A Juventus, the other is from Bundesliga Schalke 4, and Richards’ situation is similar. There are also two offers, one is West Ham United and the other is from Serie A Florence.
In these two transfers, Linsen’s attitude is to let go and stay.
Let’s talk about Richards. He doesn’t deny that he actually likes this defender. Although Richards was a substitute most of the time when he coached Manchester City, it’s a pity that he touched the Sabaletta English full-back Richards. He said that players who are too dependent on their bodies are often vulnerable and generally have a short career peak. It may be cruel to say that this is the reality. Otherwise, when playing habits decide to play football,
Therefore, it is not surprising that Richards, who is 20 years old, has begun to appear as a "glass" attribute. If Manchester City voluntarily abandons Richards at this time, it is certainly very affectionate, but even if Richards realizes his age and wants to get a performance opportunity to fight for perhaps the last contract of his career, it may be a good choice for both sides to get together and leave.
Nastasic, on the other hand, is different from Richards. He is only twenty-one years old. Although he has suffered from injuries, his injuries are not a problem in Lin Sen’s eyes. Speaking of injuries, one thing may be easily overlooked, that is, injuries were never a Manchester City problem when Lin Sen coached, but injuries became the most troublesome problem in pellegrini in the season. It may be accidental to outsiders, but only the Manchester City department knows that there is actually one reason, and that is Lin Sen.
That’s why Lin Sen recruited everyone after only a few seasons in Manchester City. Although grades are the biggest factor, Lin Sen’s other identity has to say that he has also made great contributions.
Anyway, in Linsen’s memory, Nastasic should have gone to the Bundesliga, that is, Schalke was later bought out by Schalke. It’s not too impressive to think about it, but since Schalke can activate the buyout clause, it won’t be much worse.
But now Linsen doesn’t want to give up Nastasic completely, not because of each other’s age
If injury is not a problem, what is the reason for a 21-year-old to be able to stand in the center of the first-team giants?
The Institute and Richard Zlinson have approved his agent to negotiate with West Ham United. Linson is still stuck with Nastasic’s offer because both Juventus and Schalke have played with Linson. Recently, it is quite popular in Europe to rent first and then buy out, that is to say, sign a lease contract and then set up a buyout clause in the contract.
Of course, the two offers are different. Although both teams want to set up a buyout clause, Juventus hopes that the buyout clause is not mandatory, while Schalke recognizes the mandatory buyout clause. But for Lin Sen, he doesn’t want to set it up whether it is mandatory or not. It is best for Lin Sen to have a smaller club to rent it, because obviously neither Juventus nor Schalke can help you improve your level.
Now it is impossible to directly reject Juve and Schalke’s offer, because Nastasic’s agent doesn’t do it at all. The reason is simple, but don’t say that Nastasic can’t find an opportunity in Manchester City at present. Even if there is an opportunity, how many agents will really refuse their own transfer? Don’t forget what brokers do for a living.
Suo Linsen wants to be a little harsh.
Juventus want to rent? Not mandatory? But, um, why don’t we talk about Bogba by the way?
Schalke also wants to rent? Mandatory? You can also buy out 30 million yuan.
So obviously, no one is stupid and the transfer is so slow.
Things have to be solved, yes, but Linsen still wants to see that it won’t do him any harm to drag on.
Different from these two scheduled transfers, on the other hand, several major dramas have different processes.
David Lewis’ transfer in Paris Saint-Germain was rejected by Lin Sen, and Paris seems to have really stopped and turned its target to Mangala. Up to now, Lin Sen has not received the other party’s second copy. This is really good news for Lin Sen, which makes Lin Sen feel a little strange, but another transfer is Bell’s transfer.
After Bell’s agent Bart communicated with Tomlinson, Tomlinson actually didn’t wait until Tomlinson knew that Real Madrid was busy. They were busy squabbling with Monaco about the transfer of Hames Rodriguez, but the other party was so "snubbed". Is it because they are confident in their bodies? Or do you think you are easy to deal with?
Speaking of Bell, if the transfer theory seems to be as explosive as Hames Rodriguez, right?
Think of this Tomlinson is sneer at a heart.
Compared with Real Madrid, Barcelona is much kinder.
Yesterday, after Tomlinson and zubizarreta reached an agreement on player exchange, Tomlinson had the first meeting with Sanchez’s agent, Ri Sevic. The meeting turned out to be good. Shao Sevic left with a smile when he left. Because Sanchez had already played with Arsenal, Ri Sevic was originally in the eyes of England. Although the goal changed from Arsenal to Manchester City, it is as good as Arsenal for Ri Sevic to want players not to exclude Manchester City.
So will Sanchez choose Arsenal or Manchester City? For him, his smartest choice now is to keep silent and sit tight.
Today, according to the schedule, Linsen is going to meet with another player’s agent, which is Fabregas’ agent Darren Dunn to be continued.
Chapter 19 Rupture
There are many skills in negotiation, the most basic of which is to know yourself and know yourself. Although it may not really be invincible, this is the preparation workshop, just like the preparation work before meeting with Sanchez’s agent, Sevic. Linsen has also done some research on Darren Dunn, which is not too detailed, but Becky knows enough about what kind of agent he is.
One kind of rice raises hundreds of people, and there are also hundreds of people in a profession.
Darren Dunn talked about this gentleman. I’m afraid there is a team whose fans will hate him. This is Arsenal. Of course, this is not because Darren Dunn’s father is the former Arsenal chairman David Dunn. In 7 years, David Dunn chose to resign because of irreconcilable conflicts among other members of the board of directors in introducing foreign capital. For Arsenal, David Dunn can actually be regarded as a meritorious person, because he has become the greatest coach in Arsenal’s history. It is he who dug Wenger from Nagoya Whale in Tokyo.
Arsenal fans’ hatred for Darren Dunn comes from another thing that they have to swallow when they are teased by fans of other teams. That is, Arsenal’s captain has died. From five years to now, Arsenal has sold six captains, and this summer they may even lose the seventh captain. Belgian defender Vermaelen has begun to come up with new teasing methods to summon seven dragons, because if they lose Vermaelen again, it will be their seventh captain in recent years.
It’s normal to lose a captain, it’s not surprising to lose a second captain, but it’s obviously not normal to lose such a high frequency. Many people blame the head coach Arsene Wenger, but when you think about it, you know this truth. When a head coach appoints a captain, besides ability and performance stability, it is also a consideration. No head coach wants to see his captain change every year, so the reason can naturally be other.
This is Darren Dunn.
Henry, Clichy, Adebayor, Van Persie, Fabregas, Song … These stars all have a common agent, Darren Dunn, and then they have one thing in common, that is, they are all former Arsenal stars.
For such an agent, whether from a personal point of view or from a professional point of view, Linsen really said that he didn’t like it. It’s not that he wanted Arsenal to be attacked, but I believe that not many football managers would be willing to face such an agent. Of course, this is a football manager’s job.
Like the meeting place of Little Dunn, it was arranged in a familiar place, that is, the coffee shop in the city square, which has almost become Linsen’s second workplace this summer.
In view of the fact that he knows little Dunn, Linsen has imagined that this meeting with little Dunn will probably take a long time, but he didn’t expect that the meeting lasted less than 15 minutes from beginning to end, even less than a cup of coffee.
The reason is not that little Dunn is a difficult fact. After seeing Lin Sen, little Dunn is particularly enthusiastic. Some people don’t show signs of flattery. Lin Sen also has to admit that it is just right, but it is exactly what he is avoiding when a person cares about him.
In fact, this meeting was not decided by Little Dunn, because just before the two sides were ready to enter the topic, Little Dunn suddenly had a problem.
The question is whether it is possible for Linsen to take over Manchester City.
For Tomlinson, it’s just the same old question. Since he announced his return to Manchester City, he didn’t know how many times he had answered it, but now the other party still has to ask it again. Tomlinson didn’t know what the other party asked, but obviously the other party didn’t believe that he had announced the answer, but whether he believed it or not, Tomlinson’s answer remained the same.
After hearing Lin Sen’s answer, Little Dunn showed a little disappointed expression on his face and shook his head without regret and said, "Then I’m sorry we have nothing to talk about today."
There are not many people in this world who can hide their emotions in front of Tomlinson. Although Tomlinson doesn’t know if Little Dunn’s words are sincere, he knows that the emotions of the other party are true, which also makes Tomlinson feel a little surprised at his words.

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