News arrived in Brazil that night, the reception officials of the New Yizhou Army were just like waiting on Hou’s father-instead of waiting on Hou’s ancestors, they invited Lu Su to Liu Yan’s residence and had already led the military commander, the adviser, to wait for Liu Yan at the gate, grinning all over his face-just like forgetting that he almost wanted to kill Lu Su seven days ago, and his words were intimate, his tone was kind, his kiss was deferential, and he respectfully greeted Lu Su into the hall and ordered a big banquet. This was the first scene.

After Liu Yan made a great effort, he saw that Lu Su finally kept the look of humiliation and humiliation. Liu Yan finally insisted on looking for a chance to get down to business. "On that day, Lu Feng often said that a surname and his old man’s house wanted compensation from the old man … The loss was negotiable. At that time, the old man was unwell. I didn’t listen to Lu Feng. Please say it again today. I’m all ears."
Lu Su took a sip of wine first and then said slowly, "Report back that Liu Yizhou’s surname said that this time the profit government made things difficult for businessmen in the three States of Harmony, Harmony and Cool, and demanded that the profit government compensate for the losses at a discount of 500,000 yuan. In addition, it ceded the agent to Xiliang Army to compensate Dong’s surname for his mental losses."
Liu Yan wry smile dong devil can really turn to Zhang Su Zhang Song two brothers make eye contact Zhang Su Zhang Song knowing Zhang Su hand way "Mr. Jing mean spite Chang ‘an businessman is really we have oversight wrong place to compensate for the losses is also should be a surname asking price is not too high? Can my Lord promise? Should Mr. Jing tell the real conditions of Mr. Dong Taishi’s old man? "
Zhang Song was about to speak, echoing the last seat of the eldest brother hall, when someone suddenly coughed, Zhang Song saw that he was a new student in Fufeng County, Sichuan Province. His family name was orthography, filial piety was only ten years old, and his position was extremely low, but he was full of knowledge and knowledge. Today, he was very talented. Although he met Zhang Song, he appreciated the letter, and Fazheng also gently shook his head at Zhang Song’s back hall to signal him to speak elsewhere.
Zhang Songma excused himself from going to the toilet and entered the backyard. Then he followed this as an ordinary trivial matter. Lu Su paid attention to it. Lu Su secretly wondered about the intelligence report. Zhang Songma was the most talented and knowledgeable person in surprisingly, but he paid so much attention to this younger student than himself. Is there anything extraordinary about this study? Then I have to be careful
Thought of here, Lu Suma said, "Liu Yizhou’s adult Zhang, a surname, his old man’s house also knows that it is too much for Liu Yizhou to cede the agent. His family has prepared another choice for Liu Yizhou …"
Not to mention Lu Su as Liu Yan, Zhang Su as a bargaining sheet said that Zhang Song Fazheng was entering the kitchens, and Fazheng directly said, "Don’t drive an adult, please advise the master to cede the agent to Dong thief, and other conditions cannot be promised."
Zhang Song was shocked. "Filial piety is the first emperor to order the master to take charge of the land. Can you easily hand it over to others?"
Fa Zheng stamped his foot "Don’t drive an adult since the rice thief in Hanzhong (PS Zhang Lu was the founder of the Wudou Rice Sect at that time, and Yizhou people called him the rice thief at that time) rebelled. The only contribution of the soldiers’ taxation is that the rice thief can be doubled, the soldiers are outnumbered, the money and food are scarce, and this method can also be used to give play to the fact that Yizhou’s chicken ribs are tasteless. Unfortunately, after the agent is ceded to Dong thief, the West Cool Army will be stationed in Yong, which will directly threaten the self-protection of the rice thief and Dong thief alliance in the hinterland of Hanzhong Jingzhou,
Zhang Song thought about it carefully for a while and wondered, "In that case, why would Master Dong give up the trick of cession to his master after the British and SHEN WOO had always calculated the legacy?"
Before Fa Zheng could speak, Zhang Song had come over in vain and shouted, "Master Dong is advancing and retreating!"
Fa Zheng nodded. "It’s just an excuse to concede to Dong thief. The real purpose is not to drive an adult in the back. Go and persuade your master."
Zhang Song’s eyes flashed a flicker of hesitation, and he looked at people four times before attaching them to Fazheng’s ear. "Filial piety can make our master groggy and weak, and his son is worse than him. How much development can we have in Yizhou after he ascended the throne?" And a surname of Dong is a strong soldier, and Ma Zhuang is a wise man. That Lu Su is a living example. He is only two years older than you, but he is so heavy in Dong’s surname. Why don’t we … "
When Zhang Song and Fazheng returned to the hall, Liu Yan Lu Su had already negotiated the conditions. In view of the fact that Yizhou repeatedly violated the interests of Chang’ an businessmen and seriously hurt the spiritual interests of the big fellow’s father, Dong Taishi, Liu Yan decided to compensate Yong, and, Three-state merchants in Liangzhou will divide the past taxes of three-state merchants by half in cash and ensure that they will no longer make things difficult for three-state businessmen to do business in Yizhou, so that the Xiliang Army convoy can freely help the Dong Taishi’s in-laws in Yizhou. Sun Jian will also compensate the big fellow’s father, Dong Taishi, for his mental loss of three million yuan, and pay the synthetic food weapons in installments in one year. Lu Su promised that Dong Zhuojun would withdraw after the compensation from Dong Taishi’s mental loss department, and return it to Yizhou Army. Lu Su repaired it to Kang Peng in front of Liu Yan to attack Nanxiang and Chen.
Liu Yan humiliated the country and Brazil. After the signing of the treaty, Lu Su and Liu Yan signed it, Lu Su glanced at the Yizhou Wenwu and saw that everyone was indignant. Only Zhang Song kept his face calm. Lu Su wondered in his heart that this man should have seen through my eyes but said nothing. Who is he?
Lu Su’s eyes turned and an insidious pole suddenly appeared, pointing to Fa Zhengda and shouting, "How dare you show up in front of me?"
Yizhou people were startled, and Liu Yan was afraid to rock the boat and asked, "Is Lu Feng often filial to offend Feng Chang?" The old man will dispose of him. "Although Fazheng is Liu Yan’s fellow cremation, his family has fallen in age and his talent is not obvious. Liu Yan doesn’t pay much attention to Fazheng.
Lu Su’s face was livid and he said angrily, "Liu Yizhou insulted the villain face to face in the market three days ago, and he also invited Liu Yizhou to learn from Dong Taishi’s old man’s house."
Fa Zheng’s mouth can be stuffed with two eggs, and he said, it’s the first time I’ve seen you today. When did Lu Su insult you face to face? When did you scold Dong Zhuo in public? But now Liu Yan is bent on pleasing Dong Zhuojun, and he will still distinguish between true and false-even if he knows it is false, he can’t care so much. "Somebody, take the law!"
Ma Chong, a few warriors, will yell and mistreat Fa Zheng, but Lu Su seems to be still Japanese and hand over to Liu Yan, saying, "Liu Yizhou has viciously attacked a surname villain and wants to ask Liu Yizhou to take this person to Chang ‘an and give it to Dong, a surname for disposal." Lu Su said that Dong’s surname is the most accurate judge of people. Wei Yan and I were both blinded by Dong’s talents and learning at a glance. I can’t see through this person and send it to Chang ‘an for Dong’s surname to see if I can.
After hearing what Lu Su said, Fa Zheng stopped yelling at Ma Bai. He hoped that Liu Yan could promise and nodded immediately. "It’s good to take Fa Zheng to Chang ‘an to give Dong a surname to his old man’s house for disposal."
Five days after the completion of everything, Lu Su came with a large number of blackmail Liu Yan, munitions and grain, and took a boat along the Dianjiang River and turned into the Yangtze River, crossing Fuling and bypassing the south bank via Wuxia, and Kang Peng had already sent another messenger to Jingzhou to negotiate for Liu Biao to release Lu Su’s fleet. Liu Biao is now attacking Yuan Shu’s vanguard with Liu Bei, and he can’t dare to offend Dong Zhuojun and Jiujiang Sun Jianjun at the same time. He will incur three enemies and Kang Peng promised that Liu Biao, the imperial court, would please seal Jingyang Hou Liu Biao and let Lu Su’s fleet go.
At the same time, Kang Peng secretly sent a large number of grain weapons and a small number of horses to Wei Yan, who had occupied Gao Shun by Chang ‘an merchants, and instructed Chen Gong to ask Zhang Lu for military supplies many times to prepare for long-term sticking to a nail in Hanzhong, Chengdu.
On April 26, the third year of Han Chuping, Lu Su led the fleet to finally arrive at the diplomatic mission. At last, Sun Jian, Jiang Kangpeng’s future in-laws, heard that his in-laws had come thousands of miles to help, and he was so happy that he led Wenwu to meet him at the dock in person.
"Thank you for your hard work." Sun Jian at Jiujiangkou Wharf excitedly pulled Lu Su to ask questions, especially repeatedly asking about his son and daughter’s arrival in Chang ‘an. Unfortunately, Lu Su didn’t dare to tell the truth that his daughter Kang Peng had developed to that point or Sun Jian would have fainted on the spot.
Lu Su answered Sun Jian’s questions one by one, but his eyes turned to a handsome young man behind Sun Jian. The young man was about seventeen years old, and his face was so bright that Zhao Yun was full of heroic spirit. Although he was a military commander, he had a refined temperament, which was very eye-catching.
Sun Jian saw that Lu Su noticed that the young man was busy and cried, "Gong Jin, come and meet Lord Lu."
The young man grabbed the front step and fuels, saying, "Little Zhou Yu has met Lord Lu."
Zhou Yu! Lu Su almost didn’t call it out. This is what Kang Peng told him to find one of them before he traveled. I didn’t expect it to be in Sun Jian’s hand. Sun Jian said, "Respect for the public is a good friend of Sun Ce, a man from Lujiang Shuxian County, who is proficient in temperament. After returning to Jiujiang, Sun Jian took him to Jiujiang." patted Zhou Yu’s shoulder and smiled. "Although now the post of a former army captain can have an unlimited future."
Lu Su’s face smiles apologetically, but his heart is worried. Sun Jian loves Zhou Yu very much and wants to emphasize his meaning. What should I do to pull him back to Chang ‘an?
That night, Sun Jian held a banquet at home to welcome Lu Su, and introduced the new collection of civil and military personnel to Lu Su. Among them, Zhang Zhao, Zhou Tai, Gu Yong and Ling Cao are all well-known civil and military talents. Lu Su responded one by one on the surface, but in his heart, he sighed that the talents in the south of the Yangtze River were flourishing. Fortunately, they were allies of Xiliang Army, otherwise they would become enemies. Sun Jianjun has now respected Dong Zhuojun’s enemies and friends, especially Cheng Pu and Huang Gai. Dong Zhuojun’s old acquaintances are straightforward and sincerely grateful to release them.
Sun Jian drank three rounds and raised a glass to Lu Su. "Thank you for sending food ordnance to Hou from thousands of miles away. Now I’m a strong soldier in Jiujiang, Ma Zhuang, and I’ll get a surname to help, which will definitely break the puppet emperor Yuan Shu! Let’s drink to thank Master Dong. "
Lu Su said in his heart that Sun Jian really wanted to attack Yuan Shu Lu Su, so he was surprised, "Wu Chenghou, do you want to attack the puppet emperor Yuan Shu?"
Sun Jian snorted. "Yuan Shu’s children dared to go against the grain and pretend that the emperor had repeatedly forced the old enemy and hated me for more than a year and vowed to kill this thief!"
Lu Su shook his head and said, "Wu Chenghou villain thinks you should not attack Yuan Shu."
Sun Jian was shocked and changed color. "?" At this time, Huang Gai, who was sitting next to Zhou Yu, pushed Zhou Yu low. "What are Zhou Yu’s little Lu Su and you? How can he be as opposed to your master’s attack on Yuan Shu as you are? "
Chapter 32 Cheap Zhou Yu
"In the Western Zhou Dynasty, Wang Daoling was late for Qi Huangong and Jin Wengong to emerge as the times require; Once the royal family is at peace, the princes can serve the Zhou Dynasty as ministers. "
Anger belongs to anger. Sun Jian, after all, is a wise tiger in Jiangdong. He didn’t continue to ask Lu Su in public until the banquet was over. Sun Jiancai led Lu Su to the back room alone to listen to Lu Su’s disapproval of his suggestion to attack Yuan Shu. Of course, Lu Su refused to miss this good opportunity to encourage Sun Jian to transfer his target and monopolize Jiangdong Kang Peng as a wedding dress.
Lu Su went on to say, "Wu Chenghou is famous for being brave and fighting hard to take advantage of people’s danger and ruin Wu Chenghou’s name?" Why don’t you call Jiujiang military forces to take Wuhu from the east, and Wujun will take South Yuzhang from the south? At that time, Wu Chenghou relied on the Yangtze River to work hard and save your strength until the time is ripe. Master Dong echoed in the north, and Wu Chenghou’s army crossed the Yangtze River north and south and swept the Central Plains thieves together to help the Han Dynasty. But is Wu Chenghou still worried about Yuan Shu’s immortality? And the achievements made by Wu Chenghou will never be remembered by Qi Huan and Jin Wending and admired by the whole world. "
Lu Su said that he paused here and glanced at it in meditation. Sun Jian added meaningfully, "At present, Yuan Shu pretends that the emperor has attracted the attention of Xuzhou, Liu Bei, Jingzhou and Liu Biao to him. If you want to build a world-class foundation, you should not miss this opportunity."
Sun Jian’s surface is still, but his mind is already rolling over the mountains. Although his counselors Hong Zhang and Zhang Zhao also suggested that he attack Jiangdong Sun Jian, Zhou Yu was not in favor of going to the Central Plains for hegemony now, but no one analyzed it so thoroughly, and no one could have Lu Su’s words so tempting.
Sun Jian said, "Yes, I am bitter. Why don’t I get even with Yuan Shu now?"? Now Jiangdong’s power belongs to me. If I take other manpower into account when Jiangdong is occupied, I will have the hegemony and money when I annexed nine counties and eleven houses. What is Yuan Shu a state at that time? What’s more, I still have a gift from heaven, which belongs to God’s destiny, occupying the natural barrier of the Yangtze River, and I can win the bid for the ninth five-year plan of the Central Plains, and I can also take over the land in the south of the Yangtze River. At that time, if Dong Zhuo can break it, he can’t break it, so I will row the Yangtze River or the Huaihe River and rule the sky, which is called the emperor … The farther Sun Jian thinks, the longer Dong Zhuo is in his fifties. How long can he live? His son is too young to grow up and is his son-in-law. If his son can live up to expectations, won’t he all be surnamed Sun the day after Dong Zhuo’s death? Thinking about thinking about unconsciously a smile emerged in Sun Jian corners of the mouth.
Seeing Sun Jian smile, Lu Su knew that things were hopeful. Lu Su was also thinking that when Sun Jian was in Luoyang, he had enough of Huatuo’s top ten tonic paste. When you lost the profit value, Mr. Dong gave you another tonic blindly, and you could go to see Sun Wubing. At that time, your eldest son was in the hands of Mr. Dong, and his second son was young. Just let Mr. Dong take charge of your industry …
Also thinking about thinking about a smile that is hard to hide also appeared in Lu Su’s face. Just then, Sun Jian came to his senses and asked Lu Su, "What are you laughing at?"

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