Unlike a master, this time he made a special trip to wait for Tomlinson. When Tomlinson went in, he closed. Although he was still looking at his face, his eyebrows had eased a lot.

"I’m retiring."
Master, the first sentence let Lin Sen keep calm.
"Your story is very good."
This is the second sentence or a supplement to the first sentence.
With these two words, the master was silent and looked at Tomlinson with deep eyes. He seemed to be waiting for him to pick up the topic.
Tomlinson naturally knows what Grandpa is waiting for for for half a year, which is enough to verify many things. Even great doubts have long since vanished in the face of facts. Tomlinson has long thought of this point, but he did not expect that Grandpa’s decision would be so decisive.
Master would rather bend the old tree that Linsen has built to shape his grandfather. It is not without reason that Linsen knows this better than anyone else. In this respect, Linsen should have thought that Master would deal with it in this way because he selectively chose to avoid it in his heart.
Lin Sen’s "prediction" can’t change the fact that a tree is a tree after all.
A tree moving is death.
Master is doomed not to make way, so it is better to let others cut it, but to wither the trees themselves, and those doomed not to shelter from the wind and rain and make the last contribution.
"Grandpa, would you believe it if your grandson said he came back from ten years later?" After the silence, Tomlinson suddenly spoke amazingly.
The master’s face seemed to change slightly when he heard the news, but he soon recovered from the shock and asked a seemingly irrelevant question, "How is your grandmother in ten years?"
"Like you," replied Tomlinson, thinking about it.
Hear Lin Sen answer master look seems to be a bleak.
Like me … into another old tree? This is indeed her sex master sighed in his heart.
"Who else have you said this sentence to?" After a long time the master asked
"Never" Lin Sen told the truth. This has always been the biggest secret in his heart, and no one will believe it. He used to bury this secret in his heart forever, but today he told it to his grandfather.
"Don’t say it after good," the master nodded.
"Do you believe it?" Tomlinson looked up at master.
"I don’t believe what you say, but I believe in my grandson." The master smiled. The serious expression seemed to melt in an instant. A kind and relaxed expression quickly occupied the face that seemed to stretch for a generation.
At that moment, Lin Sen felt that a metaphorical emotion filled his heart and made him almost cry.
"I’m going to accompany your grandmother to look around the house when I’m old. You don’t worry." Looking at the instantaneous bow, Master Linsen smiled with relief.
"Grandma may not go with you." Take a deep breath and Lin Sen got the nerve to joke.
"Ha ha" Master stared blankly for a moment and then laughed. "Then you can help me persuade your grandmother that you are the one who hurts her the most."
On the last day of 8 years, Lin Sen met his relatives, uncle and uncle, two aunts, a lot of cousins, sister-in-law and brother-in-law …
Uncle and grandpa’s personality is the most like when they meet Tomlinson. There is affinity in their serious expressions, while Erbo is easygoing. It’s very enthusiastic to call Tomlinson "rabbit cub" when he rarely returns to China, but he is naturally enthusiastic and alienated from those cousins. Tomlinson is most impressed by cousin Lin Lei because he is a fan …
Lin Sen’s parents finally failed to return to China. According to Grandpa, staying in South America is five years, and my father will soon be transferred back to Europe. This is the most critical and busy time.
The original quiet Lin Zhuang seems to be busy as soon as it is over. Lin Senyuan, it’s already late to eat "pot rice" for everyone, but in the evening there are two more people. One is an old man who is about the same age as grandpa. As soon as he met the surname Shi, he stared at Lin Sen and looked a little scared, while the other is a woman of similar age. The identity of Lin Sen is Shi Lao’s granddaughter’s name is Shi Shan.
When I heard this name, Lin Sen was a little heartbroken. Shi Shan? Lost? How long?
Seems to be aware of Lin Sen’s almost subtle expression changes after hearing his name. At first, he smiled when he met his grandfather, and then he became an iceberg beauty. Shi Shan immediately cut Lin Sen’s eyes like a knife, which made Lin Sen shudder in his heart.
Lin Sen felt like he was on pins and needles after eating the most uncomfortable dinner in his life.
After dinner, the elder sister Lin Xiang came over and asked Lin Sen how he felt with a smile. Lin Sen replied honestly with a wry smile that he couldn’t stand it.
In fact, Linsen has long been aware of this unusual meal. Grandma has been asking if she can stay for a few days since she just got back. When Grandpa is talking with Shi Lao, the topic seems to be too moderate. After adding it, the person Shi Shan appears. In fact, this meal appears to be a "reunion dinner". It is already obvious that this is a blind date for herself.
In fact, this is not a strange thing. The Spring Festival has long been a blind date festival in China. For a long time, Lin Sen’s Spring Festival has been the best time to come back abroad. Now Lin Sen’s family is unmarried and nearly 30 years old. Lin Sen’s parents have a stocking attitude towards him. In this case, it is normal for the master to regain confidence in Lin Sen and the old lady who has been nagging about Lin Sen’s marriage for a long time to arrange a blind date for Lin Sen.
However, after all, the parents considered Lin Sen’s own feelings and didn’t say that they wanted to see if the two sides could cross their eyes, but now it seems that …
Elder sister immediately criticised Lin Sen’s answer. Do you know how many people that girl wants to chase are not qualified to chase? You still can’t stand it?
Tomlinson shook his head with a wry smile. I didn’t expect that Shi Shan came along at this time. Seeing Shi Shan coming, Lin Xiang smiled and said hello, so he gave Tomlinson a wink and left himself.
"I know you saw too much on CCTV some time ago. You reported that you are a football coach and earn your own living. I don’t hate earning your own living, but I know you don’t mean that to me and I don’t mean that to you. But you and I don’t want our elders to worry about themselves. Why don’t we put on a show?"
Lin Sen was thinking about what this woman would say to herself. I didn’t expect Shi Shan to be honest when he opened his mouth. He couldn’t help but look up at this woman. It seems that the iceberg is an iceberg. Finally, it has not reached the point of pride and is rare and considerate.
So Tomlinson decisively nodded and said yes.
The two left a couplet for each other, and Shi Shan came and hurried.
Then I haven’t waited for Linsen to return to absolute being from the conversation just now, and an transoceanic call will be made.
It’s Livermore
"Atletico Madrid officially offered to buy back Cork"
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Chapter 50 Poor strength
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Linsen is a little in distress situation.
Not because of the unexpected fact that Atletico Madrid repurchased Cork, but because Atletico Madrid offered a repurchase price of not 2.5 million but 1 million, and because Atletico Madrid wanted to take people away from Malaga, not only Cork but also a second person.
Like Livermore, Linsen doesn’t know what medicine is sold in the gourd of Atletico Madrid Sports director pitarch.
Perhaps because Malaga bought Cork before, the price was only 200,000, and pitarch thought that it was a very high price to appreciate five times in just half a season? Or maybe pitarch thinks that Gaby, a former Atletico Madrid player, should be rejected by the law in the face of Atletico Madrid’s call. He thinks that the price of 5 million yuan can already impress Malaga to let go?
Maybe. Maybe.
Tomlinson denied that pitarch’s offer, which would obviously not be accepted by Malaga, only came from his own assumption. Although he didn’t have much communication with this Sports director at Atletico Madrid, he knew that it would not be naive to be a football director at a club like Atletico Madrid. Why?
Linsen soon thought of a possibility.
January 1st, New Year’s Day
Lin Sen boarded the flight back to Spain as scheduled. January 2nd is the team’s return training day, because in three days, La Liga will once again ignite the war. Malaga’s opponent is the fourth lowest in the relegation zone at present. Sporting Gijon will be the real test for Malaga, because no team will despise Malaga psychologically and Malaga’s play will be more familiar to his opponent.
As soon as I got back to Linsen, Spain, I went to the headquarters to find Livermore regardless of the fatigue of the journey. When I saw Linsen Livermore, I went straight to the point without being polite.

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