In the final analysis, An Qun is still unclear about the situation. Li Xian gave him some manpower today, but he didn’t pay much attention to coming in from the right. There are about 20 of those people, but half of them are An Qun’s own people. He is a businessman and there will be some domestic thugs in every family to deal with things like today, but his last few words are really his own play.

Li Xian had simply introduced a Xu Xuan to him. What are the specific contradictions and struggles between the two sides? It is naturally impossible to tell him the outcome of the struggle. Therefore, judging An Qun for Xu Xuan is somewhat out of focus, but he is just a very independent person. Speaking those words at this time, on the one hand, it is to scare Xu Xuan, on the other hand, it is naturally such a state of mind.
If it weren’t for Xu Xuan, who died, and who didn’t have much identity background, Li Xian would certainly be able to bear it.
He is not worried about this.
After saying this, the group of people on the right started to move without hesitation. These people are raised on weekdays. To put it bluntly, the dog owner has an order, and they don’t want to bite the past. They don’t worry about the consequences. They know that if something happens to them in this business, the owner will definitely cover it.
An Qun took a step back after saying that. At this time, there were some accidents in his heart. Those people came in on the right. He had previously seen some of them brought by himself, and some of them were left by Li Xian to his family’s nursing home. But Li Xian found those people who were very capable of playing that kind of game. When they got very close, they could feel some hostility in each other’s body. But if you look at this time, the group of people on the left quietly came in and talked about the momentum there, which was a little more than what Li Xian had previously given to those people.
He couldn’t help thinking that it is really expensive in his heart, even if he keeps some people, the quality can’t be better than that of his family. If he keeps these people in front of him, the financial resources are naturally not lacking, but these people are not clean at hand. A simple businessman like home can’t afford it. If something happens, the other party may even involve the whole family, so it may not be worthwhile, so it is usually enough to find some sturdy people who look quite powerful.
Tut tut … Big families can’t compete with each other. The other party not only dares these people, but also makes such a big wave-he has taken those people on the left as Li Xian’s hands at this time.
An qun thought about it and then found out that something seemed wrong.
The place around Xu Xuan couldn’t see the tension, but he ordered a group of people on the right to start work, but he didn’t rush out. Suddenly someone came out on the left.
"Killing them is not afraid of life!"
An qun looked over there in astonishment, but he didn’t notice that people looked like people dressed up before, but he was ignored because of the dim lights in the courtyard.
When he called out, an qun knew that things were bad. This group of people on the left was not quite right … Not one of his own. He made such an evaluation in his heart and then he was shocked … Looking aside, Xu Xuan was not ready to ignore him. He smiled and looked at the chaotic scene.
This group of people met at the door, and both sides remained vigilant, but for the people on the right, they just did what they were told after they came in, and they didn’t have much thought. After An Qun shouted those words, they didn’t get involved in the people on the left, so they realized that this should also be their own vigilance, and then their mind faded away. It was in this case that the people on the left were killed and they were completely unprepared.
"You … are people?" Someone shouted, but at the end of the sentence, there was a terrible cry "Ah ~ ~"-going out for a long time at night made everyone feel a little creepy.
At this time, most parts of the courtyard are dark, but even if it is dark, some things like flint are still felt in vain.
Someone’s hand was broken and all his hands fell off. The previous scream was that the people on the left pulled out their knives at the first time and cut them at the right unprepared. Because they were hidden, the knife could not be too long. Strictly speaking, it was a short blade, but it was still very lethal to cut people at this time.
An Qun looked over there and opened his mouth. His eyes became unbelievable. After a long time, his consciousness recovered slightly. "You, you … are you! !” He turned around and stared at Xu Xuan’s eyes as if to highlight his eyes. "Who are you?"
An qun said, pointing to the chaos in the distance. The scene was that a left-handed man severely crushed the right side to detain the wind, and then the situation was very monotonous. When the knife fell on the right side, he saw the blood wailing constantly.
Actually, those people in Li Xian used to be very good at fighting, but they couldn’t resist effectively because they were caught off guard by the other side. Therefore, as soon as the disadvantage was widened, that is, a cup of tea, the chaotic scene was silent. The only thing left was some monotonous and painful groans
An Qun suddenly felt a little black in front of her eyes, but Fang Ruhai was scared and turned pale for a long time, and she screamed like a woman, which was an ornament in the chaotic scene.
This Xu Xuan can’t be an ordinary person. Ordinary people won’t have the courage to raise such a large number of thugs of this level … An Qun certainly knows that Xu Xuan’s troops are definitely not ordinary people. Although others are born, their horizons and knowledge are broader than ordinary students because of some aspects of business.
He has seen so-called greenwood people.
Eye, these must be
Great thoughts only stirred his spirit at the bottom of my heart, and then the body staggered slightly and barely stabilized before the complex eyes fell again.
"Who are you …?"
Before that, Xu Xuan looked at the chaotic situation from the beginning to the end with an expression on his face. Then he bowed his head and seemed to think that it was only at this time that he heard An Qun’s words. Then he looked up and smiled gently, "You are not to be taunted."
Xu Xuan said, turning his head and shouting at the chaotic courtyard, "Don’t run …" He waved, "Go, go … It’s too messy, so the words can’t be suppressed."
He said this, and the dressed young man followed him and shouted, commanding some people to withdraw quickly. Then a group of people methodically went to the door, and then the outside of the door was crowded with people who came to see the situation. These people were originally attracted by the sound of beating and killing, and they were able to guess the situation inside by the sound. At this time, they looked at the open door and were all scared.
A group of people can hear moans from time to time even if they can’t see their eyes clearly, and there is a strange smell in the wind. Even people who are slow to respond realize that it is blood.
Large-scale bloody struggle is very common if it is a battlefield in the north, but here and now is the most prosperous city in the south. The blood in what people usually come into contact with is very small, so it is a great shock to them when everything appears before them, and no one dares to stop it until Huang Yusheng takes people out.
Xu Xuan eaves sighed slightly and stretched out his hand around him and patted his shoulder. "You go back and help me with Li Xian and tell him to hurry up and kill me … can’t wait."
He walked towards the door and waited for a few steps before turning around. "Where is lady white snake’s eye?"
An Qun is that wait for a while’s expression has not been pulled out of this matter.
"hey!" Xu Xuan looked to one side like a sea with four eyes opposite, and screamed again ",,…" He said, reaching out and pointing in one direction "There … I don’t know anything …"
Xu Xuan shook his head and then ignored them and walked towards the door.
"You can’t go out if you live …" Behind you, the local An Qun woke up from the drifting state and shouted at Xu Xuan Shirley. "What are you doing with such a big thing? ! Can you still go out in your spare time? Dream! " As he spoke, he rushed to stretch out his hand to pull Xu Xuan
However, when Xu Xuan was still some distance away, he "snapped" … his head buzzed, and then the whole person fell out with inertia.
Xu Xuan rubbed his hands and spat bitterly. After this slap, he didn’t leave any strength. Although he is now physically fit to fight with a real master, it is pure death. However, it is no problem to slap someone like An Qun when he is ready.
On the other hand, An Qun didn’t get up immediately, as if she had been blinded by this slap.
Then the brothel people finally arrived.
Xu Xuanzheng went to the door where several pimps and a middle-aged man hurried over. Today, although things were short, there was a lot of noise. The middle-aged man saw the situation at a distance and his face suddenly became dignified.
Although many fireworks places are not only a kind of trivial matters that can be accepted by people-it is only because of the smell of fireworks in busy places that it is more interesting, but on the whole, the main purpose of people coming to places like brothels is to have fun, and even if they make trouble, they will consciously control a certain range, as this vicious incident has never happened before for a long time.
One of the pimps who came over there suddenly shouted "Ah, it’s you!" Shouted and pointed to Xu Xuan, then the middle-aged man whispered a few words in his ear. After listening for a while with a frown, he looked at Xu Xuan’s eyes and became a little bad.
However, for such a situation, Xu Xuan had already expected to grope in his hand sleeve, and then threw a token over there. The middle-aged man took it conveniently, frowned and looked slightly stiff. Xu Xuan then walked down to the other side and said a few words. There, he looked in indecision for a long time before nodding.
After this, Xu Xuan never looked back and went out all the time.
Because things happened so suddenly, it was over before the brothel responded. When I came later, I saw the wounded all over the ground. These people were not dead, but they were all injured in different degrees. When the brothel people arrived, they naturally had no choice but to find a doctor, unite the government and all kinds of messy things.
An qun was lifted up by people, and at this time, I didn’t know that I was really doing something wrong. That Xu Xuan was not simple. The middle-aged man came over from the brothel. He knew the original and he wouldn’t let Xu Xuan leave, but the other party said a few words in the past and then swaggered out.
The bloody breath couldn’t go away for a while, and the wind blew it into his nose. At this time, he trembled slightly in the night and looked up and sighed for a long time.
I was cheated by Lee Hyun-li …
Xu Xuan followed the previous direction of Fang Ruhai and walked to a lighted courtyard. Previously, he left Linghu Chu as a shield. At this time, no one followed him to the distance. He shook his head and stretched out his hand and pushed the gate.
"Shout" to a burst of strong breeze coming towards him.
Chapter 511 Fengyun (1)
"Hoo!" The strong breeze struck briefly, but Xu Xuan didn’t realize what had happened, but his body had responded at the moment. A wooden stick almost rubbed his cheek and slammed the door frame to make a "dong" sound. It was probably because of too much force that the stick man snorted slightly.
It’s a female sound.
Warm yellow light house slowly swaying, he saw Motome figure expression slightly stiff stiff, the female eyes tight shut at this time. Previously, a stick that looked quite imposing was made with eyes closed. At this time, I knew that I wanted to hold the stick, but I didn’t want to cross-cut it with my hands. It was another "shout".
Xu Xuan is stupidly startled by the decisive momentum of that stick. It is already impossible to hide.
"Ah …" Called a stick, which was a blow to his arm. He staggered and bumped to one side. There was a desk and chair. After he pressed it, he could reach out and hold the table to balance it. But it should have been a four-legged table. At this time, one of them was missing. He tilted the whole table to one side with a little effort …
"hey!" Mouth shouted the third stick over there and smashed it at the back of his head
"It’s me, me, me!" At this time, if you don’t go out and even suffer, he hurriedly shouted at the same time, so the woman holding the stick didn’t stop to decisively smash Xu Xuan with a stick or hide in the past while the stick hit the ground.
The woman over there stretched out her hand and pulled out her strength. Of course, it was not as strong as Xu Xuan’s stick. She was shaken by Xu Xuan’s hand, but she didn’t panic. She quickly let go of the stick and put her hands outward. A few silver shiny needles had been shaken by her, and then she leaned over and finally opened her eyes.
For a moment, the needles will be pricked at Xu Xuanshen’s acupoints, but at this time, the woman has already seen the bearer’s figure is so fierce that it is full of decisive expressions, and her eyes are slightly loosened. Then she looked at her hand and looked at her silver needle with some stupidity. After a long time, she called for a very surprised tone and said, "Chinese … Chinese?"
"I’ve already said it’s me …" Xu Xuan got up from the ground and stretched out his hand and rubbed his right shoulder, complaining that "you are a cruel woman who wants to murder her husband."
Although it is complaining tone, there is no atmosphere in Xu Xuan’s heart at this time. He came to save people. The original heart is quite anxious to see each other’s safety and illness. Besides, when lady white snake didn’t know his identity before, he made a series of self-defense actions, and he didn’t have to accuse her of "wolf prevention". It is difficult to hide himself. If An Qun comes over and becomes a way … And if Fang Ruhai is gay, he is not worried.
Warm yellow light ying ying to wipe the face, the body room is a bit stuffy. A man and a woman look at each other in this environment. It seems a little ambiguous. lady white snake’s simple but elegant white cheeks are slightly reddish. Looking at Xu Xuan’s expression, he is a little overwhelmed. His eyes turned around and then turned around. Then he didn’t know where to look. Then he lowered his head like a gnat. "It’s you in Chinese, and you’re here …"
Xu Xuan looked at her opposite place with some funny eyes and shook her head with her white hands. "How can a good wife still be there when her husband has come?"
After he said that, the awkward atmosphere in the whole room seemed to be punctured by something. lady white snake looked up and saw his one eye. The cheeks bulged slightly. The woman was very witty at this moment. "Nonsense …"
At this time, her mood has been completely out of order. Most of the time in lady white snake is calm. After all, where will you go has seen a lot, and few things can really affect her mood. Of course, there are fluctuations. For example, it is impossible for her to feel pity when she sees someone starving to death. It is also common to feel pity when she meets a poor family who has no money to buy medicine. However, when she makes a decision, she can still become calm again in a short time.
But at this time, it’s different. She looked at this familiar and strange young man with a complicated mood. After she left, she did have speculations and fantasies. Although there were not many such situations, she did think about the scene of two people meeting again. On the other hand, she was probably prepared for meeting each other again in the future. Later, when she saw the human rickshaw in Hangzhou, she knew that the other party had arrived. Because she was in a sense, it was the real meaning of human rickshaw pulling in this era. The first passenger knew the person behind the things that had not yet appeared.
Later, she had been waiting for the other party not to come to see her for the first time. She didn’t feel anything. She knew that once Xu Xuan decided to do something, others couldn’t stop her. Since she didn’t come for the first time, there must be some reasons. It is enough to understand this.

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