Therefore, for the Soviet Union, at present, the Republic is the best test. Yongshu Reef is 13 kilometers away from Hainan Lingshui Airport, which is close to the extreme war radius of f14 fighters, while Vietnam is 46 kilometers away from Yongshu Reef. For Su-22 attack aircraft or MiG-23 fighters with a war radius of 11 kilometers, there is no pressure, which can be seen in the land war.

Ning Lei looked at Liang Yuan with a logical confusion and said with a warm smile, "Ning Shu won’t save money for Xiao Yuan. If the radar catches the other plane, Ning Shu will shoot missiles at such a small distance. It should be relieved."
Liang Yuan was embarrassed to grasp the head and know that his heart was messed up.
Su-22 attack aircraft NATO code name "Assembler" is a single-seat variable swept-wing fighter/attack aircraft developed by Sukhoi Design Bureau of the Soviet Union in the mid-1960s. Vietnamese equipment Su-22 fighter aircraft is an improved export model of Su-2 fighter/attack aircraft.
Su-22 aircraft equipment is mainly composed of attack navigation system and navigation equipment.
The combat equipment includes the A п-17 sight for attacking the ground and the sea, the Nekh K1en-54 laser ranging/indicator for unified control, navigation calculation and weapon release calculation, and the PISS-7 Doppler sensor.
For a Republic that doesn’t understand the performance of Su-22, the amount of bombs is 4 tons, which can be used against the ground and the sea. The Su-22 combat/attack aircraft poses a great threat to the Nansha garrison and the South China Sea Fleet. After the victory of the 314 sea battle, the South China Sea Fleet hastily retreated to avoid taking off from Vietnamese soil with anti-radiation missiles and rockets.
But for Liang Yuan, who has been baptized by the information of the Internet age, the advantages and disadvantages of the Su-22 attack aircraft are almost clear to him. That thing is a slag. Generally, there is no long-range radar. How can an airplane be an f14 fighter opponent?
"It’s good for Ning Shu to be careful whether it can be a line-of-sight war or a line-of-sight war. It’s best not only to teach himself but also to give the navy and the army a modern military lesson," Liang Yuan said endlessly
Ning Lei laughed and patted Liang Yuan on the shoulder and said, "When Ning Shu was training at Grumman Long Island Base, he learned that the US Navy pilots had a unified general warfare plane. After receiving the battle, he would leave some ammunition to commemorate Xiaoyuan. Are you interested in what AI-54 missiles write?"
Ning Lei turned the topic to a more relaxed direction.
Liang Yuan was taken to the ditch by Ning Lei, and after listening to Ning Lei finish, he ran to the front of the large flatbed with missiles and turned out the charcoal pen on the workbench to think about what to write.
In Liang Yuan’s memory, just American naval and military crews left the most marks on ammunition or the famous word F or the shape pattern of sea cucumber and abalone, but Ning Lei was smiling and looking at himself behind him. If he painted that thing, he would probably be destroyed humanely by Ning Shu hanging AI-54 missiles.
It should be that Grumman’s hard-working company came to Liang Yuan to catch a glimpse of the huge body of the charcoal AI-54 missile and write the words "Hello, I am the truth".
After writing, Liang Yuan looked at the forum full of irrigation style, and Jay smacked his lips and marked it again in Chinese, English and German respectively.
"I hope the Vietnamese will be satisfied with my translation," Liang Yuan said, shaking his head and smiling.
Ning Lei looked at Liang Yuan and wrote such a passage. He smiled and patted Liang Yuan on the back and said, "Don’t talk to your family. Honest, uncle Ning will be back in three hours."
In the standard warfare manual of US Navy’s f14 fighter, the basic warfare of f14 fighter can be divided into four categories: interception, patrol, escort and interdiction.
The f14 fighter plane is equipped with two tons of auxiliary fuel tanks and six low-resistance free-fall bombs with a total of two columns. When intercepting, the war radius is the maximum. It can fly to Mach 7 945 kilometers away and bomb for about 5 minutes. However, due to the high cost of the f14 fighter plane, the US Navy banned the f14 fighter plane from carrying out ground attacks with free-fall bombs soon after it was equipped.
When the f14 fighter plane returned to the platform after bombing 945 kilometers away, the remaining fuel in the aircraft tank was still enough for the f14 fighter plane to fly for 2 minutes near the sea level with high resistance and low Mach 7.
However, when the Soviet aircraft landed after performing the maximum war radius, the remaining fuel was only enough for the aircraft to continue flying for 5 minutes.
In the corner of Liangyuan hangar, I watched Ninglei’s cockpit communicate with Qiao Pengfei, the radar officer in the back seat. Engineers from Grumman Company in the United States are directing the ground crew of HNA to hang two AI-54 undead missiles symmetrically on the f14 fighter wing sleeve hanger.
Two ai7 sparrow missiles and ai9 rattlesnake infrared combat bombs have been installed in two rows of air inlets on the belly. The ground crew opposite Liang Yuan is dragging the refueling pipeline away from the f14 fighter.
Liang Yuan recalled the specific data of these three missiles, and estimated that the amount of the f14 fighter was still 16 tons, which was consistent with the amount of the bombing on the ground.
However, the distance between Yongshu Reef and Hainan Lingshui Airport is 1 km farther than the maximum war radius of the f14 fighter flight manual. According to the cruising degree of the f14 fighter at Mach 7, it takes about 1 minute to go back and forth. It seems that Uncle Ning is going to compress the remaining oil after returning to land to 1 minute. Liang Yuan looked at the f14 wing missile and broke down the whole war.
It takes millions of RMB to make an advanced fighter like f14 attack Yongshu Reef, a just iron fist of the Republic, for five minutes. Liang Yuan finally understood the moderate position of Nansha Islands in the past. How many people could have thought that it was so difficult to defend the country and station in the coastal areas?
The heavy concrete gate of hangar No.7 is rumbling. Ning Lei and Qiao Pengfei have been sitting in the cockpit before and after f14. Engineers from Grumman Company of the United States stepped on the boarding ramp of f14 fighter. Ning Lei and Qiao Pengfei are doing the final inspection.
Not far from the f14 cockpit, a large movable miter ladder is full of HNA ground personnel department, and the American pilots are absorbed in the final preparation before taking off.
Ning Lei and Grumman engineer briefly exchanged a few words, then picked up and put the flying helmet around him, connected the high oxygen system, put on the cool anti-glare flying mask, and was in charge of flying. Ning Lei and radar officer Qiao Pengfei gave Grumman engineer a thumbs up, and the American patted Ning Lei on the shoulder and jumped off the gangway nimbly.
With the height penetrating through the f14 canopy, the airport is slowly closed, and the low bottle truck of the towing fighter is connected to the f14 front landing gear. Because the Republic is equipped with more than 3 tons of heavy-duty double fighters, the power of towing the J-7 fighter and the J-7 fighter bottle truck is seriously insufficient.
Nai Haihang managed to pull the f14 fighter full of fuel and ammunition out of hangar No.7 by connecting several strands of steel wire ropes of three bottle trucks in series and pulling them together.
Liang Yuan and HNA ground crew and Grumman engineers looked at the runway behind them. When the f14 fighter gradually crossed the 600-meter mark boundary, the f14 nose slowly lifted the fuel-saving Ninglei, which not only had no motivation to increase strength, but also looked like a large civil aircraft.
Looking at the blue motive tail flame of f14 fighter at two o’clock, it gradually faded away and finally disappeared. Liang Yuan sighed for a long time, closed his eyes and mused in his heart, blessed by the gods and buddhas all over the sky, and drew several crosses conveniently.
Yonghua is the squad leader of the Nansha garrison of the Republic Navy. As early as seven years ago, when the Republic Navy cruised Nansha, Yonghua moved with the fleet to understand this sea area where he would be stationed in the future.
Seven years ago, when the Republic navy just had the ability to sail to Nansha, the islands and reefs with good conditions in Nansha had already been divided up by Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries. The Republic decided to establish the Yongshu Reef for ocean observation, which was also a small reef the size of a washbasin that was exposed at low tide.
Before the 314 naval battle in Nansha, the garrison troops of Yongshu Reef all lived in a simple bamboo shed with bamboo poles, mat walls and asphalt caps, covering an area of only 1 square meter. Simply put, a small hut was built at the sight of the vast sea, and this hut was the first controlled territory established in Nansha Islands of the Republic.
After the 314 naval battle, the Vietnamese were honest. They stopped demolishing the high-rise houses in the Republic, and the Republic also added the Yongshu Reef reconstruction project. On February 2, the Republic finally built three metal box-shaped high-rise houses connected together. These three houses, which were similar to large boxes, expanded the controlled territory of Nansha in the Republic to more than 100 square meters.
Two metal boxes are used for living and working, and one semi-open metal box becomes the sentry of the reef guard 2.
At this time, 6 Yonghua was on sentry duty, holding a 127mm 54 type anti-aircraft machine gun, and nervously watching the hovering Su-22 attack aircraft.
The newspaper has been out for more than an hour, and the Vietnamese Su-22 attack plane hovered around Yongshu Reef, and a new batch was changed. Vietnamese pilots flew the Su-22 so low that the officers and men of Yongshu Reef could clearly identify the screw lines of the fuselage.
Su 22r29bs3 was motivated by a rumble of thunder from the sentry post. 6 Yonghua turned the anti-aircraft machine gun shaft and turned the muzzle to Su 22 route for a few steps to keep the reef. Shao Ruixiang, a soldier, flashed in from the outside.
Shao Ruixiang was a recruit who joined the army in seven years and just turned two years old. When the navy selected the first batch of Nansha garrison troops, Shao Ruixiang signed up and was finally selected into the first batch of reef garrison troops by virtue of his newspaper and his unique skills in repairing lines.
"Monitor, what are the Vietnamese going to do? Even the plane has dispatched two sorties."
Yonghua shook his head and didn’t speak. He kept a close eye on the Su-22 attack plane that was gradually drifting away.
"Monitor there is a horse will turn around" Shao Ruixiang gesticulating behind 6 Yonghua.
Looking at 6 Yonghua’s reaction to the plane behind him, Shao Ruixiang smiled and continued, "Monitor, what do you say if the Vietnamese are on fire?"

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