A heavier and more urgent sound came over, which seemed to be the sound of jumping into the pipe and landing.

At this moment, Ling Xin silently leaned the dark muzzle toward the corner. When the "drumming" became closer and clearer, he suddenly changed to the position of holding the gun in his left hand and holding the gun in his right hand. Then he suddenly leaned the muzzle out of the corner and pulled the trigger without looking at the inside of the pipe.
This irregular shooting technique almost made the shotgun break free from him. Although the shotgun did not break free from him, the huge recoil really entered his whole body from the palm of his right hand, and the pain kept stimulating his fragile nerves.
The smell of blood in the pipeline has become more intense, and it is almost suffocating.
This time, Ling resolutely strengthened the idea of strategic transfer, but avoided being stolen by a willing heart after his transfer. Before he left, he decided to leave something to prevent this from happening.
He left the well-protected body behind the slope and hid a broadsword anti-infantry mine that he had set up. After that, he was quite relieved to leave the pipeline.
But his strategic shift direction is not the warehouse department, but quietly climbed to the top of the building. There is no sniper [Snow Leopard] on the top of the bungalow. Otherwise, he will be blown off his head as soon as the situation emerges.
Rao, when he crept on the iron roof, he still made a slight "thump" to eliminate this unnecessary sound. He chose to crawl at the expense of speed.
Arriving at the edge of the back door, he poked his head out slightly and glanced at it furtively, and found that there were actually two people sticking to it outside the back door.
But it’s right to think about it
Since the breakthrough in the law; Retreat can’t have a positive impact on the war situation, but it may also fall into a more passive situation. They can’t advance or retreat. They also have to stay here to prevent the enemy from sneaking out and copying their back roads.
One thing is that the two of them didn’t expect.
That is, they almost perfectly ignored that the other party might come out of the pipeline and take their back road when they were not looking.
Ling retracted his head and took a 【 high explosive grenade 】 from his vest. After picking off an embolus with one hand, he aimed at the face. The two men quietly leaned their left hand out of the eaves.
He muttered to himself and loosened his left hand holding the Grenade at the same time.
"Da" a rumbling grenade actually hit two people on the ground, but before they came to their senses, the grenade crashed and exploded, and the violent explosion and vibration almost shook the edge of the roof. If he hadn’t taken out a combat knife and inserted it into the not-so-thick roof to fix himself.
The explosion soon subsided before he dared to pull out the solid body knife and stay away from the dangerous edge. After lying on the flat roof, he gasped for a few mouthfuls. Some chats brought up the [Battle Information] panel, which showed some information about both sides of the battle.
When I saw the names of the members of Snow Leopard, three of them were highlighted. In addition to Ling’s head count of four, there was another person with a head count of one.
"I didn’t expect that it was Ye Yuxin who got the only one with a good head. It seems that she really worked hard."
Haven’t finished feeling ling heart suddenly emerged a very strong sense of crisis, just like being stared at by a poisonous snake, generally dark and unable to wave.
"Shit!" I am very familiar with this kind of feeling, but I still keep flowing down my forehead. I immediately came to the conclusion that "I was targeted by a senior sniper."
Chapter two hundred and forty-one A drum gas
"What should I do?"
Lying motionless on the roof like a corpse, Ling’s forehead is covered with cold sweat that almost destroys camouflage oil. Although he is more anxious in his heart, there seems to be no other way than pretending to be a corpse.
However, he seems to have forgotten a very important question: Where are the members killed by members of Snow Leopard outside the warehouse?
This is not a battlefield, and there are not so many bodies that he can use as a cover. What he does is different from here.
After locking Ling, there was no first shot. I wonder if the sniper deliberately didn’t shoot or was he hesitant because Ling’s acting skills were quite realistic?
For a moment, Ling’s intuition told him that it was not that his acting was quite realistic, but that the other party seemed to watch his "improvisation" with great interest, because the sense of crisis in his heart became heavier and heavier, which almost overwhelmed him.
There is a possibility in this situation!
That is, the sniper’s finger has been triggered and it is possible to pull the trigger at any time.
Now that there is a way to retreat, Ling decided to help altruistic members to solve their current desperate situation. "Everyone highlights the direction of the main entrance of the last three enemies in the warehouse. Please pay more attention to the fact that there is a sniper in the marksmanship, such as I am finishing the test!"
"Received! !” He has seven people should way
There was a rather harsh "eyah" coming from the ear of Ling, who was loading a corpse on the roof. It should be that the back door was hit. Judging from the current situation, it should be that one of his own members went in and out of the back door.
For a moment, Ling suddenly rolled over in his heart. He had just turned back to his body and had a "chirp" sound. When you look at his side, a bullet hole the size of a shocking thumb suddenly appeared.
After seeing this bullet hole, Ling couldn’t help but be covered with cold sweat. Immediately, without stopping, the roof rolled several times and rolled to the edge slope. If he hadn’t reacted quickly and pulled out a short knife and inserted it into the slope of the roof, half of his body had almost hung, and he almost fell off the ground nearly ten meters high because of rolling inertia.
Although the image of Ling, which has been tumbling all the way, seems to be quite awkward, it has rolled out of the sniper’s field of vision and always managed to save his life.
The edge of the roof struggled for a while, and after a little effort, I finally climbed the roof, but I still had to breathe and calm down in the future. My heart beat violently, and a quick and violent gun came from the main entrance.
The final battle of this game seems to have started.
In order to catch the last game of this game, Ling suddenly jumped from the ground with a’ carp fight’ and copied out [Dark magic dragon] and galloped away in the direction of the main entrance.
Unexpectedly, the final battle was over before running to the end of the roof, and the last person in the [Snow Leopard] team surprised everyone. This person is the representative of the lowest fighting capacity in the team-Ye Yuxi.
Her flint was still able to keep the best condition. Before Chao Geng pulled the trigger gun, she hit the last bullet in the magazine. I don’t know if this bullet has eyes and directly hit it and made evasive action. There is only one person left in the chest in Snow Leopard.
Ye Yuxi’s last shot in the first game was almost over at the same time.
The Great God was still too lazy to broadcast the results of small games and went straight to the second game.
After the sight distance is restored, you will still see the gray main color wall, but it is no longer a very monotonous white wall, but an extra window.
Quickly judge where you are, pull the bolt and say casually, "Since the role has not changed, the battle plan will not be changed."
When I heard Ling’s very casual words, everyone answered very casually. Although the commander Ling was dissatisfied, there was no way to ask him to be his own after all, so he could suffer the consequences.
As soon as they were in place, a cylindrical metal was thrown in from the main entrance. Gaotai Ling squinted carefully and drew a parabola in the middle.
"[Smoke bomb]?"
When all eyes were attracted by this [smoke bomb], the back door was already hit by someone from the outside.
Ding-ding-ding, another "smoke bomb" was thrown in through the back door.
In just three seconds, both the front and rear doors of the warehouse were shrouded in smoke.
At this time, Ling Xin said in a hurry that "everyone has a high degree of vigilance to prevent the enemy’s main force from breaking through the defense line in one fell swoop!"
"white! !” All qi should way
Get everyone’s response. Ling took a "shock bomb" from his vest with his left hand. At the same time, he vigorously threw it in the direction of the main entrance and drew an almost perfect parabola, which happened to fall away from the main entrance curtain.
In the direction of the back door, Chao Geng threw a [high explosive grenade] as a temporary interception.
Suddenly a group of people rushed out of the front door smoke, and there were a lot of people, seven people! !
Presumably, they knew that the people inside would respond immediately after landing the "smoke bomb". If it is light, the tactical Grenade will definitely throw a high-damage and destructive Grenade like Chao Geng.
So they waited a little outside for a while, and sure enough, they heard a muffled sound and waited for more than ten seconds. When there was no movement inside, they pressed in together. Although it did not cause great damage immediately, the impact of the number of people alone was shocking enough.
Ling blazing with anger to drink a low line "all people pay attention to the main enemy came in from the front door, they want to drum up! !”
As ling, a low-drinking warehouse, everyone’s guns are twinkling at this moment, and the enemy has already pulled the trigger before aiming at it, even if it can’t hit, at the very least, it can also produce some fire suppression shock.
Chapter two hundred and forty-two Surrender
With Jiang Chen’s first shot, the warehouse burst into a very violent shot, and all kinds of guns were intertwined and influenced each other; Play like a downpour
Both sides of the war are very powerful, shooting at the same time, and the bunkers are constantly evading; Defense also caused a lot of trouble to the other side.

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