Zhang Yi shook his hand and said, "Jade, you went to Qingdao to take charge of the overall situation, but Mo Qi won’t come back. Let him follow you and accumulate more experience in the war. His ability is not weak. He has been staying in the armament school for many years and he has no experience in large-scale corps battles!"

Wu Peifu nodded and said, "Well, I’ll leave for Qingdao immediately and attack like Japan as soon as I arrive!"
Xu Huaijin went on to say, "It’s time for instructors to station our two divisions in Hunan, and let them move forward to the southern part of Guangdong, ready to cope with the changes in the South China Sea. Our two main divisions in the back are enough to cope with the changes …"
Zhang Yi replied, "Ok, let’s do it! Keep the plan for Cai E unchanged and tell him to ignore the changing situation and get Java. If any young people dare to intervene in Java, it is time to give a serious warning to all countries! "
Xu Huaijin then asked, "How can instructors from all over the world reply to them?"
Zhang yi sneer at a replied "reply to them? Don’t just let them wait slowly, ignore them. These people are giving face to the wall. Now we just can’t give them face to see if they can treat me like this! "
After nearly two days of preparation, all armaments have been rectified.
Cai E, next to Cai E, Chen Ke, asked, "Is everything ready in Chen Ke?"
Chen Ke laughed. "Don’t worry, Songpo, the South China Sea Fleet has already prepared enough warship fuel to support our sea drifting for nearly half a month! For half a month, we were afraid that we had even brought Sumatra! Not only that, but our marine brigade is also ready to sail. Then the aircraft road marine brigade will be followed by a small day of death! "
Cai E nodded and shouted, "Order all troops to board the troop ship immediately and leave on time at 10 o’clock this evening!"
As soon as the whole regiment army was transported, three infantry divisions and one artillery division boarded the troop transport ship in an orderly manner.
A super warship of the South China Sea Fleet will only protect the Chinese navy, and it is also ready to sail to Nanyang Java Island!
However, at this time, the Asia-Pacific war clouds are gathering, and the spy planes of various countries have already been in full swing. How can such a big military move be concealed from the intelligence planes of various countries?
One newspaper has already been sent to the military diplomatic institutions of various countries.
What? The Republic of China turned a blind eye to us and went straight to Java?
Countries cried an uproar!
Chapter one thousand six hundred and three Worship offensive
Sure enough, as Yang Du expected, Diaz didn’t pick Sevakins to start work, but directly targeted the sixty thousand troops of madero, which is the most threatening and has no official identity. This is sixty thousand troops!
It was only seven days from Felix to the capture of Monterrey. In these seven days, Nuevo Leó n lost two thirds. madero had to flee Nuevo Leó n and hide in the nearby city of Gretel. Zapata continued to lead the military forces of Kliks in a dogfight. However, according to this trend, Nuevo Leó n’s territory may fall in two or three days.
Great victory in World War I!
As soon as Felix shocked the whole Mexico, he didn’t expect Felix’s armed forces to be so strong that madero Zapata’s military armed forces plus more than 30 thousand people were vulnerable, and they would be beaten to pieces in just one week!
It was terrible. Felix soon occupied the whole state of Nuevo Leon and sent a large number of troops to search for madero everywhere. Unfortunately, madero played it by ear and Zapata protection had already escaped from Nuevo Leon!
Felix got carried away and sat in the Monterey City Hall. I didn’t expect that madero Zapata wouldn’t have much strength to knock their rebels out of the water. Although the accurate data didn’t come out, it is obvious that this war will definitely hurt madero. At least 10,000 people lost nearly half!
The most terrible thing is that almost all the projects here have madero shares, either holding shares or holding shares. Since madero has been driven away, it is our Diaz family!
Felix has already sent his own confidant to accept these factories and call them out honestly. That’s to say, if you dare to resist, you will directly become madero’s accomplice and go to prison!
Felix forgot the truth that a water boat can also overturn it, so don’t the landlords and business owners here hate it for messing around in Nuevo Leon?
But at the same time, Felix did not dare to forget his most important self, but he led 60 thousand troops out, which is already the military force of half the country’s regular army. His goal is to kill madero first and then take care of Sevakins. This is the most important thing for Dias to give him. Now madero’s troops are almost defeated, but Sevakins has not been taken care of yet!
Felix’s eyes glistened, and it would be Sevakins, but even madero was no match for him. What’s worse, Sevakins? Madero’s 30,000-strong army was beaten by itself, and even the north could not be found. Sevakins was only five or six thousand armed forces. I don’t know what Diaz had to kill him, even if his potential was limited, there was nothing too great!
60,000 men to attack Sevakins? Joke: doesn’t this make people laugh to death? Ten times as many troops!
Felix sneer at a heart secretly thought that madero has not been caught yet, and he has at least 10,000 troops at hand. He must kill this madero threat quickly. Well, leave more than 20,000 people to continue to tidy up him!
The remaining 30 thousand will be taken to Mexico to attack Sevakins!
It took only ten days to attack Nuevo Leó n, madero, and five days to attack Mexico!
Just as Felix was sitting on the most beautiful abacus, a staff officer ran in with a newspaper in his hand and said, "General, the governor of Chihuahua, Garcia, is in a hurry!"
Felix received the newspaper with a frown. Even if Garcia defeated Villa, it should be a tribute to his uncle Diaz. What newspaper should he send to himself?
Wait until Felix hits the newspaper and gets angry!
Garcia’s waste was ambushed by villa in the southeast of Chihuahua. This guy got into the encirclement of others, and ten thousand people were thrown out of the water by others. As he escaped, there were only five thousand troops left. Now the peasant army in Villa got Garcia’s armed weapons and equipment, and it was overwhelming!
Garcia ran back to Chihuahua and huddled in Chihuahua to guard against his death.
Now Villa has led more than 10,000 peasant troops to surround Chihuahua, and the siege on all sides has been broken. Garcia’s heart and gallbladder are broken. Where can he withstand Villa’s attack?
Felix angrily tore the newspaper to pieces and roared, "Garcia, you are such a loser. You have nearly 20 thousand troops at your hand, and you were defeated by a group of clods so quickly!" Waste! "
But there’s nothing you can do about anger. Diaz’s southern dominance will be weak. Once it is really occupied by the peasant army in Villa, madero’s forces will be connected. Then madero will be even more difficult to deal with when there is a solid base behind it!
Rescue must send troops to rescue urgently!
Felix shouted, "Order Cavell, the commander of the third division, to lead the third division to rescue Chihuahua immediately. Be sure to hold Chihuahua and defeat Villa for me!"
The adjutant hurriedly recorded and ran out to send a message to Cavell.
Cavell rushed to Chihuahua, so Felix was left with more than 40 thousand people. At this time, Felix was a lot calmer. What should we do now?
Chihuahua is a must. It’s the strongest stronghold in southern Mexico. If it falls, it will deal a big blow to its own power. Then it will be madero. This guy must be captured alive and killed at the worst, so as to eliminate future troubles!
Now there are more than 10,000 troops in madero, and we must leave enough troops to deal with madero.
Felix’s brain whirled rapidly and shouted to the aide, "Send a message to the president immediately. The war in Chihuahua changed in early summer. Garcia was defeated and besieged. I have sent the third division to help. Now madero has lost. I am going to continue to encircle madero with 25,000 troops. At the same time, I will send 20,000 troops to attack Mexico from the northwest for a week to defeat the Sevakins armed forces and turn all forces to encircle madero!"
Chapter one thousand six hundred and four Changes
It’s hot-headed. Felix is going to divide his troops by force!
Now he has been carried away by the victory, with an army of 60,000, and now madero and Villa Sevakins together have less than 40,000 cards, and they still lack heavy weapons. This big gap is enough to make Felix proud.
Felix ordered Rodrigues, the commander of the second division, to lead four brigades to press the Mexican state. In his imagination, the strength of the twenty thousand regular troops of the four brigades was nearly three times that of the enemy’s enough to defeat the enemy. A week later, Sevakins was already highly regarded!
Rodriguez led twenty thousand regular troops into the left and right wings and rushed towards the Diart Mountains!
At this time, Liuqingcheng Blue Sky Yue led 7,000 people, and Diart Mountain was already fully prepared. Rodriguez was still more than 70 miles away from Diart Mountain. When Liuqingcheng sent out cavalry detectives, he sent the information back.
Diart Mountain is an important mountain range in Mexico. The mountain range stretches across the Mexican state of Hargan and is divided into two States.
If you want to enter the Mexican state, you must pass through Mount Grint in the Diart Mountains. It is a huge circular mountain range with flat and wide terrain, and the surrounding peaks stretch. Indeed, the two huge exits are like a huge gourd.
Liu Qingcheng has already laid an ambush here, and even the artillery has pulled the mountain peak. If Felix’s army has entered the Grint Mountain, it will face a commanding fire attack from the Guards!

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