Fight to the end Look at this posture. Wu Peifu Army really dares to destroy itself here!

Nerong Mountain nodded and said, "All right, let’s surrender and disarm …"
From the attack to the end of Wu Peifu, it took only forty minutes to end the battle, and a group of people who had been captured by the heads of the department were brought to the rope to tie them up.
Wu Peifu shouted coldly, "Go back to the general’s office with their department and hand it over to the general for punishment!"
They ended the battle here, and the speed on Lingqing’s side was even faster. Lingqing divided a group of people into six teams and took Zhang Yi’s order to go directly to the list of people’s residences to bring their property to justice.
At noon, Wu Peifu Ling Qing and Mo Ru returned to the general office to report to Zhang Yi.
At this time, Zhang Yi is Yang Du’s communication problem.
Zhang Yi said, "Xi Fengtian’s official assessment will fall on your shoulders. People often say that only Chu Youcai’s name will shake Hunan. You have to come up with a whole set of new Chen Lai for me. I don’t want to take out the old things. I’m afraid you won’t learn if you don’t write well. I’m afraid you won’t dare to write. You can rest assured and be bold and support you behind me!"
Yang Du blushed and said, "General, you believe in Yang Du and Yang Du so much that you will definitely live up to your expectations and will definitely drive you out!"
Zhang Yi said, "This matter is more urgent. You can freely mobilize all the civilian officials in your provincial officialdom on May Day to set up a class this morning and put it into the great cause of assessment."
Just as Zhang Yi was talking, there was no other person than others came in.
Mo Ru said, "Instructor, we have won a great victory in this operation, and many parts of all our minds have been captured by us. Please show us if you handle them."
Zhang Yi said faintly, "A word is pulled to the mouth of the food market without leaving a department!"
Than a surprised and asked, "Department of beheading? There are a lot of Manchu nobles here, but our general office can’t interrogate and convict, let alone directly behead them! "
Zhang Yi replied, "It’s okay. What’s going on? I’ll take care of you to carry out the orders. No, these dozens of heads have sounded the alarm for Mukden again. Some people are still confused about the situation. I just want to give them a loud slap in the face! Let them wake up! "
Chapter two hundred and fifty-one Nu chop Longshan
When that general’s office was in the courtyard, Zhang Yi’s ord had been announced to be severely interrogate.
Longshan can no longer bear the fear and pressure and roared, "Zhang Yi always has an iron ticket for Dan, and you are always hereditary. You don’t have the strength to interrogate us. You don’t have the interest to kill us. We must always fight with you to the end, and you must let the capital get old …"
Face Su Kesa and others also tossed and denounced in succession.
Nothing is more than ignoring madness. They directly arranged for the Cang Lang elite of Tribulus terrestris to conduct a strong interrogation offensive against the first party in Longshan. Tribulus Cang Lang did not use extremely interrogation methods. Before that, Longshan and others collapsed and uncovered the case, confessing to the guilt.
The next afternoon, a group of more than 50 people in Longshan were taken to the execution ground, and Zhang Yi personally supervised the execution with Xu Huaijin and others, and Longshan and others were directly executed.
In the general’s office, Zhang Yi sent the newspaper with a newspaper office. This is a report from Prince Rui, the prince of courtesy, asking Zhang Yi to stop the Mukden campaign and appease the local officials in Mukden. Prince Rui even directly asked Zhang Yi to bring Longshan and others to Beijing to be handled by the Zongren House.
Zhang Yi received the newspaper yesterday afternoon and has never typed it.
I didn’t take out the newspaper until today.
Zhang Yi said to Mo Ru, "Mo Ru sent a letter to Li Zhongtang from Beijing, recounting the truth to Li Zhongtang, and asked him to mediate in our capital. Another letter directly addressed to Prince Rui, Prince Li, told them that the Shengjing newspaper office suffered a sudden change yesterday and encountered a machine failure. It was not until this evening that the newspaper was repaired that it was not received until it was reported that Longshan and others had been convicted and confessed to the two princes. In addition, they ordered cronies to carry huge sums of money to the capital Li Zhongtang, and we also needed a sum of money. Otherwise, it would always be bad for nave adults to sell hard work … "
With a smile on his face, he said, "Instructor, you are so powerful. How much silver shall I have people bring?"
Zhang Yi replied, "Withdraw 100,000 taels of silver from the treasury and give it to nave’s adult. He knows how to handle it. He knows it better than I do. Tell Meng Qingyou to handle it. He is a kid, a genius and an old brother. I can rest assured."
Zhang Yi, when this place was being decorated, there was already a stir in the capital.
When the two princes received Zhang Yi’s report of thunder and fury, they were all very angry with the Queen Mother Galeries Lafayette for arranging Zhang Yi to take the responsibility of General Shengjing in Fengtian. At this time, this little thing did not stop. First, Fengtian attracted millions of people to pour into Fengtian, which brought great instability to the capital and the mountains and seas. Then, in a month, Fengtian will clean up all the large and small strands of Fengtian. You know, some of these giant bandits are inextricably linked, and several large strands are all beating their doors. Every year, filial piety is worth less than 102,000 silver. Now we are dealing with officials of Fengtian size. Isn’t this a way to cut off their wealth? Besides, as soon as Longshan and other nobles with titles and full bodies are cut down, who will give him such strength! The most important thing is that he has built factories, mines and new schools in Fengtian, and the whole Fengtian has made a lot of smoke. The ancestral mausoleum must not tolerate his foolishness!
Prince Rui, the angry prince of propriety, came directly to the empress dowager cixi Guangxu and asked the court to investigate Zhang Yi, the general of Shengjing, with ten counts of impeachment.
It is not only the two princes who are angry, but also many Manchu relatives in Beijing. It is said that Zhang Yi has cut down Longshanbei and others in Fengtian, and everyone is excited. At ordinary times, Qi Di fights chickens and walks dogs all day long. Once someone hits the flag body, the cohesion of their sense of Excellence will explode, and Zhang Yi will be required to be strictly enforced.
Nowadays, Cixi Guangxu has been greatly affected by this group of people. Most of these people have hereditary titles, and their ancestors have made great contributions to enjoying their ancestors’ arrogance. If they are tough, they will probably attract more Big bounce.
When Empress Dowager Guangxu was at a loss, officials in the Chinese and Korean dynasties were exposed. First, Li Hongzhang was strict about this matter. At the same time, the accusation that Longshan and others assassinated Tang Shaoyi, the official of Fengtian, was listed in Zhang Yibao. At the same time, Li Hongzhang was closely related to many Chinese officials, and Zhang Yiming was very unfair. Together with Weng Tonghe, the imperial teacher, they all participated in this time. The Ministry sorted out the problems of the flag brother’s idleness and everything and asked the court to issue a policy to govern the flag.
The two sides talked about Zhang Yi’s problem. When the situation was the most intense, Weng Tonghe was very polite. He had a face-to-face dispute, and his face was flushed. He argued in court for seven days without a conclusion.
Cixi Guangxu was also very angry about this matter and was very dissatisfied with Zhang Yi’s practice. He wanted to investigate him, but now the situation in northern Xinjiang is unstable and he needs to rely on Zhang Yi. There are many places, and they also feel a little hesitant.
Finally, on the first day, Prince Gong Yi finally revealed that in the face of this matter, the imperial court sternly reprimanded Zhang Yiyue for punishing Longshan and others, and ordered him to reflect on himself. Secondly, he gave preferential T-shirts to Longshan and other full ministers to reassure people. Third, the imperial court came forward to strictly control the flag brothers. Emperor Guangxu ordered the flag owners to restrain the flag people from making trouble again.
Prince Gong, the first report of Qing Dynasty, has a very strong handle and a high prestige. His words finally pushed the dispute department towards the DPRK.
Real or Zhang Yiyin two Meng Qingyou carrying 102 thousand silver starry night hardships arrived in the capital less than two days to meet Li Hongzhang, asking Li Hongzhang to come forward with hundreds of huge sums of money, and finally invited Prince Gong to bring things under pressure.
However, Li Hongzhang was shocked by Zhang Yi’s generosity. He took out 100,000 silver tickets, which is not a small amount. At present, the annual tax of Fengtian Province is only over two million and two thousand. Where did this small place get such a large sum of money? But he knew that Zhang Yi now has 40,000 troops, and two-thirds of the court’s salary still needs Zhang Yi to raise money. He should be quite nervous at hand. He was still waiting for him to ask for help himself, but he sent 102,000 silver money without moving his face!
Chapter two hundred and fifty-two Mysterious Xu Huaijin
The dispute finally subsided, and Zhang Yi spent 100,000 taels of silver to get things done. Going back, the property department of those criminal officials was confiscated. As the saying goes, in three years, the magistrate of Qing Dynasty had 100,000 snowflakes and silver, and everyone’s pockets there were bulging, and nearly two million taels of silver were seized. Zhang Yi’s treasury was filled with a lot.
Zhang Yi then cleaned Mukden’s political arena through thunder. I don’t know how many tigers were killed. For those flies and mice, they were also severely admonished. Most of them were put into Qingshui yamen to see the after-effects.
In a blink of an eye, it entered July. At this time, the Fengtian armament school has been completed and the military instructors sent by Germany have arrived in Fengtian.
Two hundred instructors arrived in Mukden with a bunch of confidants in the army and invited them into the general office.
The military instructors sent by Germany are all German first-class and first-class military elites, who are selected from different military academies and troops. They are able to hold down Zhang Yi’s momentum. William III is not satisfied with the diplomatic achievements made by Balland and Gustav, but has given Zhang Yi a lot of help. This Chinese tiger is too powerful.
We must press the Chinese tiger down a peg or two and let him know the great strength of the German Empire! William III, Germany, ordered Germany to select excellent military instructors to go to Fengtian to let him know that China’s hand army is just a group of terrapin without modern military literacy except Canglang.
It’s the German * * affair that the instructors are all German elites, but even the elites need to be interviewed by Zhang Yi and Xu Huaijin in person. If you really have the ability, stay and teach. If you don’t have enough ability, don’t just give some gratuities and send them out of the country directly.
After the military instructor group arrived in Fengtian, Zhang Yi first arranged for them to rest, followed by a strict interview. It took a long time for the instructor group to interview one by one.
Zhang Yiyi came for an interview by herself and Xu Huaijin Shi Da.
But Xu Huaijin smiled mysteriously and said, "Instructor, I found that this group of military instructors really have a lot of talents, and they are more arrogant than instructors or you come to the interview first. When there is a problem, I will come forward with Shi Lao again. We are afraid that Germany is more famous than you …"
Zhang Yi was startled. Is it possible that Xu Huaijin, this guy, was so arrogant when he was famous in Germany?
Zhang Yi has some questions in his heart. Many instructors talk about German affairs. Zhang Yi’s top special forces perform special forces all the year round. He has a certain understanding of English, German and Russian, and there is no problem in daily conversation and communication.
Is just interviewed more than a dozen people DE * * instructor noisy have expressed dissatisfaction with their Kaiser personally sent to the military elite here even after the interview to teach this is an insult to them, even in Germany, they are also competing for young talents in various military schools. Is it a backward China?
More than a dozen young military instructors broke into Zhang Yi’s room and asked Zhang Yi why there was such an arrangement. This was a distrust and insult to them, and they would never accept such a condition. If there was another interview, they would immediately withdraw to Germany.
Zhang Yi was very satisfied with the interview with more than a dozen people in front of him. These people’s knowledge of military theory is very good, and they have a good level. After all this noise, Zhang Yi’s good mood has gone up.
Zhang Yishen said, "You and I have written this condition into the agreement when we signed the agreement. We must complete the assessment before we can enter the school to teach. Of course, I still very much recognize the level of these instructors in front, but this does not mean that I recognize the rest of the people. Those military students in my hands are all from the battlefield, and it is not just anyone who can teach."
A college held its head high and said, "General Zhang Yi, we doubt your ability but admire your record. We have a very wide German stream. I’m afraid those generals or students are not as powerful as you. We don’t think we can teach them. We still think whether they are qualified to listen to the most advanced military theory of our German soldiers. After all, your level of China war is too low, and your understanding of modern weapons and modern warfare is far behind our country!"
Just as this college was shouting, a voice came from outside. "Cliff, are you better than me?"
The words sound just fell and Xu Huaijin Shi Shiran came in from the outside.
This young instructor named Cliff suddenly opened his eyes wide and cried strangely, "How are you and Xu? How can you still live in this world? "
Xu Huaijin laughed. "What, Cliff, am I that easy to die in your heart?"
Cliff was embarrassed and said, "No, I’m really surprised to meet you here. I’m not dreaming." How did you escape from Germany in the first place? At that time, you were wanted by the whole family to wring your head to avenge Steve! "
Xu Huaijin said, "Alas, it’s thanks to those classmates who saved me and sent me out of Germany. They have put a lot of thought into it. Let’s not talk about it. Why did you come here alone among our classmates, Cliff?"
Cliff said, "How come? At the beginning, Rick and all of our classmates came. How many of our classmates came?"
Xu Huaijin laughed. "Now I am General Jian’s staff officer and the first batch of students in future academy. Do you think I am qualified to listen to your military class?"
Cliff exaggerates, "Dear Xu, you were a top student at Berlin Military Academy, and all of us were defeated by you. If it weren’t for the influence of Steve’s incident, it is estimated that you would have been directly taught by the students. Where are you qualified to teach before you? Isn’t this a slap in the face?"

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