From this moment on, the transformation of Wu Tu Shenwei into other five elements is his opportunity to break the array. Wei Ji has been waiting for this opportunity to come, and the opportunity has really arrived. Naturally, he will not be carried away by excitement like some people, and the opportunity will be missed.

Immediately after receiving the seal, Wei Ji bombarded the four treasures, namely, Dizhu, Game-writing protocol, Soul-destroying Shuttle, Doutian Fire Flag and Bai Hongjian, towards the same place.
In front of a shocking noise, the thick channel was broken by dozens of feet, and the accompanying Wei Ji drove the kamikaze boat into the channel. Then the four treasures bombarded forward again and showed a moment of channel again, and the kamikaze boat moved forward by dozens of feet again.
So Weiji went forward while bombing, but in a moment, a light came out of the screen, and the Kamikaze boat flew out. When the people in the battle array saw this, they pressed the Kamikaze Shenwei again. Weiji naturally responded to this, and it was more familiar to turn it into a steel seal. The golden light will condense and then the four treasures will be bombed out of the channel.
The action of defending bogey was not postponed until the people moved their roots. Along a straight line, defending bogey drove the kamikaze boat out of the five elements of the strange array, but instead of sailing away, he quickly turned around and looked at the crowd.
Chapter DiErYiEr clever design seeks the array to break the array
Chapter DiErYiEr clever design seeks the array to break the array
At this moment, Wei Ji’s eyes are as bright as stars and as cold as blades.
This kind of eye-catching betting came over, and the three master monks were immediately surprised, startled, puzzled and so on, and all the emotions vanished. There was only a bitter cold lingering in their hearts, and it seemed that they could be killed by a sharp edge at any time.
If it weren’t for the fact that the three of them are also masters of building foundations and their experience is perfect for controlling their own bodies, they would not be able to help shivering for fear of this, so that they would be lost.
"Just now you sneak attack on me to suppress I should be very happy! I just don’t know if you are still in the mood when I come to suppress you! " Wei taboo, his voice is very dull, as if there is no trace of emotion.
However, it is precisely because of this that the three monks who are in charge are more alarmed at their age. The fact is that they are much older than their external appearance. In their lives, they have been through many bloody battles. It is clear that the enemy is the most terrible in this state.
Because this is almost a state of exerting one’s own potential to the limit.
If Wei bogey doesn’t talk, they are all interested in trying to besiege Wei bogey with the help of the number advantage. However, at this time, Wei bogey took a bite of their idea and it was not that they were worried that the three of them could not beat Wei bogey together, but that one careless person was seriously injured in the body.
In their opinion, where can I fight with Wei Ji, a small person who has fallen into a "desperate state", or beat Wei Ji by the safest way?
With this idea, when the three men in the room almost at the same time set off their feet, the sword light fled to one side and Wei Ji saw three flashes, and the three monks disappeared into Yunxuan.
"Look at their original posture, I still have their confidence in playing with me? I didn’t expect it to be so intimidating that I got into the battle like a turtle and sought protection! " Who avoid couldn’t help to himself.
This situation is also a big surprise. However, although Wei Ji despises this situation, he has to admit that this is the safest way. After all, he has great advantages and does not force him to pursue fairness. If it is to sharpen his own ability, it will be fine. If it is still the case, it will be absolutely stupid.
The original idea of Wei Ji was to capture the three principals in the shortest time after breaking the unknown five-element strange array, and to ask the reasons for the sneak attack and ambush, and also to know more about the five-element strange array from breaking.
It is precisely because of this that Wei Ji didn’t stimulate the three master monks, saying that people like them who heard such provocative words would certainly kill themselves to teach themselves a lesson. I didn’t expect the result to be that three people fled into the law.
Regardless of whether they are wise and wise enough to see through Wei Ji’s tricks or whether the flowers in the greenhouse can’t stand the wind and waves and are afraid of death, there is always a word. Now Wei Ji’s plan has been realized, but it has died before.
Although the plan was aborted, the enemy had to eradicate it. In the face of this situation, there was no good way to choose a storm.
Of course, Wei Ji won’t be silly to re-enter the five elements of the strange array. Although he controls the finger-to-ground steel seal, he can break the array once and break it twice, but people are now aware of the situation. If he is determined to display the four powers of gold, wood, water and fire, he can endure it again. It is not easy to break the array easily.
When Li Wei avoided flying out of the kamikaze boat, he put it away, then took out the fan of Liujia vertigo, and greeted it at the edge of the array he just felt. At once, five dark streamers quickly shot out and planted Liujia vertigo in five directions.
That’s right. Wei Ji is going to fight head-on with this strange array of five elements through the maze of Liujia. Don’t break up the array, but let it pass freely in the strange array of five elements. He is not unable to arrange the maze of Liujia when he was in the array before, but he didn’t arrange it.
That’s not because Wei Ji is honing himself, but because he is suppressed in other positions unless his position level is much higher. At that time, the battle for aura between heaven and earth will always be in a weak position. At that time, a bad fear will be crushed by the power of the five elements of the strange array if he doesn’t wait for the six-legged maze to settle down.
Now it’s different. Wei Ji doesn’t know that a considerable part of the Liujia maze is based on the whole external world outside the five elements. It’s not a problem to absorb and supplement the aura, which is just suitable for fighting.
Moreover, there is another advantage of Liujia Labyrinth, which is that the base of Liujia Labyrinth can move and change freely. This is a very important advantage, which shows that Liujia Labyrinth is not the kind of dead array that can’t be moved casually after successful arrangement, but a living array.
The living array naturally has a great advantage over the dead array. Wei Ji is not sure whether this is an advantage or not, but because he doesn’t know about this strange array that has just besieged and killed himself, and he doesn’t know whether he is a dead array or a second living array like the Liujia maze.
Immediately, the Liujia vertigo array became bogey, which prompted the large array to control the rolling black smoke like the tide toward the five elements of the strange array of white clouds, fog and whirlpool. This ShaQi is not only the black gas of Liujia vertigo’s own pulse, but also all kinds of ShaQi that are free from emptiness.
There are many kinds of virtual qi, which is naturally generated by heaven and earth, and some people don’t show it in peacetime because it is too insignificant compared with the number of reiki, I’m afraid it’s not one thousandth, but this doesn’t mean that these qi are very weak.
In fact, these Shaqi are very powerful in invading muscles and bones, corroding magic weapons and killing spirituality. It is difficult to motivate them in the ordinary way, and the original defensive taboo is not enough to mobilize these Shaqi, but it is slightly different at this time.
Who avoid flying high, the deep clouds here are thousands of feet from the ground. Although it is far from the nine-day nine-thunder-and-fire wind layer, there are also many leaks in the day-to-day transmission and the stars Shaqi, which makes the concentration higher, so that Wei avoid can just move a part.
Although the number of these celestial evil spirits is still very small, it is enough to be a vanguard and a siege hammer
That is thicker than dark shaqi, which looks the same, especially according to the ground pulse. The concentration of black gas is too high for anyone to see at a glance. This array is released by the ground pulse black shaqi. Wei Nengen didn’t expect that it was mixed with other goods.
After all, in most cases, it is pure that is severe. If Wei Ji can achieve today’s achievements, can it be a brand-name product? It is definitely pure than who will have such an idea after knowing Wei Ji again.
These three master monks are no exception, and when so, the third brother ordered the people in the battle array to release the fire power again and sweep away these black gas.
Their coping methods can’t be said to be incorrect. However, at the moment when the sea of fire rose to meet the black tide, they touched the hatchback. That dark shaqi actually looked at the sea of fire and made a straight crack in the sea of fire.
The dark tide is like mercury pouring down, and most of the time it rushes toward the crack, and the raging fire is thus cut by half of the original monstrous momentum.
The pure black gas in the sea of fire hit the sound "Snoop!" Many black gas were burned, and the sea of fire was destroyed by the black gas. The situation was close, but the black gas was prominent and went straight to Huanglong, which made it take advantage of this confrontation again.
Like the last straw that overwhelmed the camel, the balance of victory was tilted towards Weiji’s side
Seeing this situation, none of the three monks and five elders dare to take it lightly, because they are very white. Once the power of the Liujia maze erodes their own power of the five-color Yunxuan array, the situation will inevitably be that the power of the Liujia maze is greatly expanded and the power of the five-color Yunxuan array is weakened.
When a long array of colorful clouds will certainly be fixed by the Liujia maze, there is a shell left in its own operation machine, in which Weiji comes and goes vertically and horizontally.
They naturally can’t allow this kind of situation! They have already learned quite a bit about Wei Ji’s instruments and repairs, thinking that if you fight alone, it will never be the only way for Wei Ji’s opponents to compete with each other.
Up to now, although they have felt the peerless edge of Wei Ji’s large array, they still don’t recognize that they will be the ultimate loser, because Wei Ji-hsien is alone, and that friend is just a small role in refining gas. Now he is still busy closing the advanced foundation, so he can’t come to help him, but they still have a large array of helpers.
That large array is a five-thunder-lock array, but it has finished the storm and attack array. It is precisely because of this that when it was originally arranged, these people were allowed to hold on to one side and wait for the interception, while those people of Sixth Brother took the initiative to seek the attack. Previously, if it were not for the vigilance of Wei Ji, the kamikaze boat would fly too fast, and I was afraid that it would be attacked soon after he just came out of the five-element Zongshanmen range.
Not long ago, the three principals arranged to ambush the other side after seeing the trace of Shenfeng boat through their treasure-searching mirror, and immediately informed the sixth brother’s group of troops to let them rush back for a rainy day.
At this moment, they are grateful for their selfishness when they have not met with Wei Ji before, because without this wave of reinforcements, they will not only lose their grasp of Wei Ji, but also worry that they will be killed because Wei Ji is too strong after moving a large array.
Fire power can restrain the poisonous gas, but the poisonous gas has gained wind in the control of Weiji. Strictly speaking, this is also a reversal of a natural law. Whoever touches such an opponent has no drums in his heart!
The fire is spreading into the sea, and the dark poison gas in that vein is like the dragon that makes waves in the sea of fire. Although it is not easy to say, it is already very obvious to have an advantage.
For a moment, when the inferno force was weakened again, the third brother once again ordered, "Change the array and fight against it!" Remember, you’re not fighting for the position, you’re fighting for your position.
Before the Sixth Brother and the Fifth Thunder Lock God Array came, the operation of the Wuse Yunxuan large array could not be greatly affected, so that the cub could have a chance! "
To put it bluntly, these soldiers are taking people’s money to eliminate disasters! They don’t like the master three brothers have a gnashing hatred for Wei Ji, and naturally there is not much effort to slay Wei Ji. It is good to be able to become a pair, but they also lose.
When Wei Ji was under the control of the five-color Yunxuan large array, they naturally did not hesitate to kill Wei Ji and seek more rewards. But at this time, after seeing Wei Ji’s strength and difficulty, they would have guaranteed their lives and turned their minds first.
The person in charge of this killing operation said so. Naturally, they listened to good advice. It’s rare to tell them that the array operation was completed.

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