Looking at the great ancestor’s killing, the leaves floated cold and snorted, and he stretched out his hand and threw it at Jiugong, which rapidly expanded in the virtual space. The other palaces sat in the central area according to the innate divination, and they rushed in like a hurricane. The energy fluctuation destroyed the virtual space, and the chaos was more powerful than Hao, which swept the world.

Seeing Jiugong coping like nine mountains, several distant ancestors drank a piece of the source law, and Jiugong was abruptly coping with the Sino-French pressure, while Ye Piao suddenly roared at this moment. With the rapid retreat of resin fire all over the sky, Ye Piao held a bright black long-handled combat knife in his hand and broke the chaos. A large piece of death light spread like a storm in this partition.
Ye Piao Pangu joined forces in one place, and two people, two enemies and six enemies turned this piece of independent chaos upside down. The magic blades of combat knives collided with each other, and the strength and the divine light intertwined with each other. Almost all of them were blown off, but people didn’t want to stop at all. They also wanted to destroy each other because of the chaos around them.
In the outside world, Fuxi Nuwa looked at the two worlds and said that the other side was separated by the leaves and said that it was independent. Then we will now be independent of the world, and the flames of hundreds of millions of creatures will thoroughly refine several distant ancestors.
At the moment, Nu Wa’s whole body is shining more than dignified and holy. Looking at the independent world, she suddenly spilled colorful stone and said, "My body and mind are in harmony."
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Han Han
brief introduction
After the essay, push Han Han 89′ s latest blog selection again, which combines Han Han’s unique way of thinking. The essay comments on current affairs, humanities, film and art racing, etc., and dedicates the highest rate, the most colorful views, the sharpest words and the most interesting ones to reading.
Section 1 This generation
Important friends can’t type the old domain name, but they can access it by visiting the alternate domain name.
The day before yesterday, I took part in the tenth anniversary of germination and talked about a very old-fashioned generation problem. I want to say that the fact is not in one generation, and the other generation has to say it. Then let’s talk about this generation. From what I have seen, this generation is actually quite unified, and the divorce rate is high, not because many people marry their age, not their lover, but from this point of view, there is no qualitative difference between these people and their predecessors, but the outside world has given them a lot of negative comments. This is unfair. It’s actually a good thing that I don’t care about politics, and many superficial personalities are caused by family planning and problems caused by the only child. I think this account can’t be counted as Gu was born, but it is also a long talk. In today’s environment, politics is not yet available, but those people can’t help being influenced by politics, and they play the role of political tide. Being killed can’t be a talk, just like being raped can’t be counted as one’s own sexual experience. Now, the era of political compassion has not yet arrived. Up to now, there are many dissatisfaction or positive progress in this generation. In fact, this is because the older generation lost the credibility of the government with V, and this generation has not been able to show its face in the entertainment and sports circle for the time being. I wonder if it will have much impact on this. From my observation, the oldest is only 8 years old, and the youngest is 19 years old, that is, when the director is a virgin, he has no snobbery and then shirks it to this generation. If his ass is not cleaned, he can’t make a generation of fetal hair to make toilet paper, other kinds of life debauchery, one-night standsHowever, the good key is that faith takes us to the ditch, so let’s stay on the shore and watch the weather for the time being, but we are actually very happy to find that the high quality of large groups comes from this generation, that is, they don’t litter, spit and jump the queue, and that group of people have been educated since the Cultural Revolution, and their poor quality performance is precisely the glory of the older generation. This generation must be wrong, but I believe that it is more personal mistakes and more mistakes are actually inappropriate today, because now we can see that the mistakes are all made by others, and there is no bad king in this generation.
Masters, I am waiting for you.
Recently, I was asked outside that I bombarded and insulted many people. Master Wen asked me what I thought.
I remembered where the master thought when I bombarded and insulted Li Bai and Su Shi. Later, I finally remembered the matter. I felt that shelling or insulting was because others were afraid that it was not exciting enough. Few people read the title. It was like I patted you on the shoulder and said, dude, you are not dressed today, and I finally turned into a beating up of others.
The thing is, Chen Danqing and I did a TV show, and I said to the effect that after the new China, China didn’t pay much attention to writing and literary talent. We chose articles in our class and asked to recite those articles, and their literary talent was also poor. Lao She, Mao Dun and others wrote poorly.
Then Chen Danqing added to return Ba Jin.
I agree very much, because Lao She made a slip of the tongue, and I just wanted to say Ba Jin.
We also think that Bing Xin can’t read what he writes.
Finally, I, Chen Danqing, roughly said that you must be very happy when you see that the two of us have said this TV station. They will make a fuss about it when they wait for us to say something similar. Then everyone said that we were speculating and named after these families, but we didn’t think so. We really can’t talk.
My only mistake in this is to confuse Lao She and Ba Jin. Lao She’s writing style is still good. I mean, Ba Jin and Mao Dun’s writing style is poor, but Ba Jin, Lao She and Mao Dun’s Bing Xin are often packaged together in China’s political style. I confused one at the moment. I want to say sorry to Mr. Lao She.
Section 3 Masters, I am waiting for you.
However, I firmly believe that Ba Jin, Bing Xin and Mao Dun’s writing style is very general compared with that of Yu Hua and Su Tong. I never said that I don’t comment on the writing style of the three writers in vain. Personally, if I don’t write in this way, what will become an insult to the master and poison the youth? Today, when people see comments, they say that cultural celebrities should not make irresponsible remarks in the media, especially with big mouths, which misleads to public opinion. It hurts the dignity of a national culture. How can a few words hurt the dignity of a national culture? The name is Nation? What’s called irresponsible speech? Of course I’m responsible for what I say. It’s not that I’m talking nonsense in a moment’s excitement. I’ve recognized it since I was a child when I was watching Chinese classes, and how did this become the wrong direction of public opinion? Your nickname is really? For these early China families, we can all evaluate them according to our personal preferences. I personally appreciate Liang Shiqiu, Lin Yutang, Lu Xun and Qian Zhong. These literary talents are better than those of Ba Jin, Bing Xin and Mao Dun. Personally, I think it’s a family. The most important thing is to be emotional and literary We have always emphasized the ideological nature of literature and morality, and I think it should be put at the end. Because literature can easily turn into a political prostitute, the result is that you follow the right person, you are a noble soul. You are exactly the same as the wrong person, and the words become a reactionary poisonous weed. We have always said that you have sincere feelings, and I don’t agree with your family’s sincere feelings. Let’s do a midnight chat show, intimate sister. I personally think that Bing Xin, Mao Dun and Ba Jin’s three talents are really not good. Of course, everyone thinks that these three people are not only extraordinary in thinking, but alsoPersonally, it is inappropriate for me to show something to a newly literate student. This is an insult to the master. Of course, don’t take Bai Juyi’s reading poems to the grandmother again. However, political thoughts urgently need to enter textbooks and recite these models at a small stage, which leads to the recognition that the article should be written like this. These people are highly praised by future generations, but they are hundreds of thousands of words. But we are desperately trying to make a passage for them. This is also the weakest point of several of them, that is, their literary talent in a paragraph.
Section 4 Masters, I am waiting for you.
I am a good family, and my writing skills have been analyzed and imitated by a group of young people, so I will feel ashamed. People’s comments continue to say that I have respect for Master Wen, and that remembering the heart is a national foundation. Self-cultivation is a responsibility of cultural people. It is beyond the scope of literary contention to belittle the master. First of all, this is your master, not mine. Secondly, I don’t think I said that Mao Dunbing Xin Ba Jin’s writing style is not good. If it weren’t for personal attacks, you would be a master or a political party. Teachers can be judged. In our country, we can’t say politics, officials can’t say degree, can’t say corruption, can’t even say writing? Besides, I haven’t commented that people value ideas and simply say literary talent. It should be no problem to criticize a great poet’s poor writing in feudal society. Don’t wait until a thousand years later, of course, people will think that they didn’t let you say it. If you don’t say it, we don’t agree with you that they are just good at literary talent or that their writing is simple and thoughtful. But I can’t help it. It’s much cuter than those alarmist critics. Secondly, one person who is responsible for the cultivation of cultural people is backbone, telling the truth, not flattering, not flattering. It’s definitely not to respect Master Wen, and to cherish the heart. Cultural people are not here to burn incense. I don’t think this is a national foundation. Everyone in a national department must think that so many writings must be good and not bad, otherwise you just don’t have self-restraint. Then this is a nation except North Korea. At that time, it was said that Bing Xin couldn’t read. This is also Chen Danqing, including my true thoughts.Heart is personality. What’s the problem? You can’t force me to read Bing Xin with relish, can you? I did. No, I also told you what I really think. You forced me to read Bing Xin. My punishment is to force you to read Bing Xin to see if you are true or false.
Section 5 Masters, I am waiting for you.
See a lot of people who are lambasting, and they are more excited than corn compared with Chris Lee. But is it obvious that Ba Jin, Mao Dun and Bing Xin have a higher position in their hearts than Chris Lee does in the heart of corn? I doubt that if you put Lao She, Mao Dun and Ba Jin in front of them, they can tell who is who. Of course, you can say that you can recognize words but you can’t recognize faces. But I also doubt that all of you have seen your respect in so many people who clamor for you to dare to disrespect master Wen. Master, do you still remember the name of Bing Xin Lao She Mao Dun Ba Jin? I think Chris Lee’s name is Li Chunbo, and corn should be remembered. Many of them are fake fans of Ba Jin Bing Xin Mao Dun. You just think I’m not pleasing to the eye. No, I’m willing to turn into your masters and read disloyalty. This is dishonest. When I was studying, I didn’t even seem to know how many people looked at these three people in a class. Now suddenly, I feel that these fake fans of Mao Dun Bing Xin Ba Jin will form a shield. Bing Bing Le Jing Ba and other fan groups left me a message saying that Ba Jin actually wrote very well and told me what was good and which paragraph was good. Then I also respected them very much. I will try to look again. This is a common saying with different views, instead of putting a higher hat on others through these three master hats. By the way, I still think Ba Jin Lao She Bing Xin Mao Dun, among these four people, don’t say anything, just say that except Lao She is good, the other three people’s literary talents rank from worst to worse. Bing Xin Ba Jin Mao Dun is a family writer.Instead, this is also the charm of Chinese characters, which has been valued by many scholars in China over the years, from the Book of Songs to Tang Poetry and Song Poetry to Four Great Classical Novels. Later, in the vernacular, Qian Zhong, Liang Shiqiu, Lin Yutang, Hu Shi, Lu Xun and Shen Congwen, including Zhang Ailing, did a good job. However, because the charm of the new China characters was replaced by the ideology and form for a long time, the government and people didn’t have any literary talents. Now, if we look at some critics, do they mean to face the old Ba Bingmao and their families, we must think that all the departments
Section 6 Serve Shu Zhi
Prohibit abuse by restrictions
First of all, you appreciate a poet’s commentary.
Look down on Master Wen and respect Xu Jinglei.
Han Han’s biggest highlight is that the runner-up of Sina blog calls writing a pen to read his blog. The only one who criticized Han Han for walking a wild road and writing a non-article was lack of sincerity. After reading it, he found that this statement was true. One of the articles satirized Wang Zhaoshan Jiangcheng, vice chairman of Shandong Association. The implication was that he looked down on Xie Wang Zhaoshan, as if Xie was hiding evil practices. Wang Zhaoshan was a parallel importer, but fortunately he entered Sina blog, but Xu Jinglei, an actor who couldn’t play well in writing, sat on the throne of the blog, but he was happy to stay behind. The guest king is Yu Qiuyu or Yu Guangzhong, Han Han. He can also show off a handful, but it happened that Xu Jinglei was never bombarded by him. Xu Jinglei’s writing style is very poor, but now he bombards Lao She, Ba Jin, Bing Xin and other literary experts. He can’t respect Han Han. Xu Jinglei is recognized as a famous writer such as Lao She, Bing Xin, and he doesn’t pay attention to it, let alone Wang Zhaoshan.
This article, which is very innovative in logic, was read in a news commentary with the headline "Han Han despises Master Wen". Xu Jinglei tricked me into it and clicked on it.
Children around me also asked my brother what he had said recently.
Children haven’t read three old people’s things, so I explained it to him. You see, the four great kings Lao She is like Zhang You Mao Dun, Aaron Kwok Ba Jin is like Andy Lau Bing Xin is like Li. I think everyone except Zhang You sings well, and Li sings the worst.

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