The printed fairy clothes appeared on the surface of the body, and the purple flame cover was just born when it was broken by the fist shadow.

A force that Pei Mo can’t resist is poured in along the body. In an instant, Chen Shaobai’s heart is cracked, his blood is red and sweet, his throat is flooded, his eyes are black, and he feels that the stars are dazzling in front of him, his ears are ringing, his bones are soft-he was stunned by life.
"gas therapy!"
Just cultivated the first layer of the Dungeon King Kong Body, it has played a role in knowing the hidden gold in the sea. Se Fortress has drawn out a magic protector to make the shock force method hurt the refined meridians, so the injury is still in the scope of Qi therapy.
At this critical moment, all miscellaneous fairy methods were thrown aside by Chen Shaobai and he consciously played his most familiar skills.
And xianjian skills have never let him down. He missed flashing and dodging the attack. After a breath, his body completely returned to normal.
Blood se boxing shadow finally hit in Sendai.
The river moves and the mountains shake and the sky collapses!
Several peaks in the valley were directly shaken by the earth’s guiding energy, and the Yulong Waterfall was also cut off.
Huo Qinglong is so horrible with a blow!
Turning over, Chen Shaobai stood aloof and cold, and the Jedi stood proudly on the spot. The three elders who should be responsible for fair punishment did not make moves, but he did not expect these people when he came.
"I can’t keep you if I have something to do!"
Red hair, blood, withered eyes, Huo Qinglong suspended in the high image, and the ghosts in the story didn’t see him as if he were moving a round of Hao Ri.
Even if Chen Shaobai did his best, it would be absolutely impossible for him to escape. There is a big difference between the two, and it is impossible to survive.
But Chen Shaobai looked up at the corner of his mouth with a teasing smile, as if he were an outsider.
Huo Qinglong is prepared to sacrifice a magic weapon to nullify when the time comes. When the rice has become a cooking surface, the small one will be smashed directly, and even the soul will be shattered. Even with the help of experts, it will be possible to save the situation. When the early birds die, the witches will wear it to the group of people and he will kill them and fight back.
Only when those men and women groan and howl in front of his eyes will his hatred for Wu Pei be slightly alleviated.
However, just as Huo Qinglong was confident that he could kill Chen Shaobai, a magic weapon with poor aura was broken, and the thousand dragons’ shadows condensed into a big fist seal and directly smashed it into pieces.
A magic weapon was removed to reveal its body shape, and a pair of golden wings were born on both sides of a semi-transparent ship-how do you think it looks like gold and silver ingots with wings inserted after enlargement?
"Spirit wing wing wing? Jing Shui Han! "
Huo Qinglong saw at a glance that this famous magic weapon in the Qing Xuanmen is the spiritual wing ingot.
A pair of golden wings resembling pure gold are not secular gold, but are made of five mountains of J Τ ng Mo Li, which is fused and condensed. It is also a large spiritual mine that is directly condensed and integrated into 120 mysterious large arrays, such as "Speed", "Enchantment", "Gathering Spirit", "Gale" and "Condensation" … The magic weapon that can attack and break people’s bodies and prevent them from being collected can escape to Wan Li.
Treasure! Although it is, it is completely out of the sword form, and its essence has given birth to thousands of changes
You know, Huo Qinglong didn’t have a treasure to spare after four renovations!
"This is a personal vendetta. If you want to profit from it, I can also bring you down!"
Seeing this young Taoist priest, two elders who were ready to make moves suddenly realized that Se "it turned out to be Mr. Zhang’s protege. I was carrying coals to Newcastle when I arrived earlier."
But if you look like a peach blossom, you slowly open your eyes and sweep around the valley, shaking your head drunk with some doubts.
Lingyi Yuanbao flapping its golden wings, a young road flyover chuckled. "Elder Huo, this is not personal. You want to kill my little teacher younger brother. If I don’t ask, don’t go back, the master will punish me for thinking about the cliff for five years. Think about how many opportunities to make money it will miss! Do you think this is the reason? "
The young road flyover has a handsome eyebrow eye and a pair of white Confucian scholars, but from time to time his eyes emit J and jīng brilliance, and his eyes are very clever. It seems that there are many strategic points in his mind every moment-in this respect, he is more like a businessman.
"Little brother?"
Jing Shui Han’s younger brother. Isn’t that Mr. Zhang’s younger brother? !
Thought of here, Huo Qinglong’s face suddenly sank to Y and N and puffed up. Suddenly, many of them became indecisive.
"Mr. Zhang has received a few five apprentices for more than two hundred years. How can a worm who has just refined himself enter Mr. Zhang’s eyes! Jing Shui Han, you must be taking advantage of others. Don’t cheat me! "
Say his blood eyes DengYuan dribbling staring at the scene Shui Han seems to want to see something from his eyes.
But to his disappointment, Jing Shui Han turned his attention to Chen Shaobai’s face and didn’t look at him for half an eye.
"Thank you for your help, Brother Jing."
Feeling that the whole body pressure suddenly weakened, many Chen Shaobai felt that he came to heaven from hell and immediately thanked him for his fuels.
"spit, if it weren’t for your two thousand lingshi, I wouldn’t have robbed the big brother of this shit."
Jing Shui Han left the pie mouth and looked at Chen Shaobai’s bad smile and destroyed his Confucian demeanor. "In fact, even if you don’t bribe me, someone will come to help you. The master has recently gone out to see you. Who dares to neglect you?"
"I can make a contribution of 7,000 yuan in one year by my own strength. My younger brother has superhuman powers. Now it seems that besides being tall and burly, he is also an ordinary person …"
I think of my master’s abnormal conditions of accepting disciples, and Xiao Han is cold, so I look down on the little teacher younger brother who is not weak in strength.
Although we haven’t been together for a long time, we don’t have much intimacy, but after all, we have become closer and we don’t feel uncomfortable talking with each other.
Looking at the two people talking happily, the blood Se in Huo Qinglong’s eyes is getting stronger and stronger, and the murderous look in the whole body seems to be overwhelming and forced to make moves.
At this time, Chen Shaobai rose up.
Chapter one hundred and forty Door blood qiao tactic; About three years!
Chapter one hundred and forty
"I don’t want to talk nonsense. Do you dare to fight for life and death in Sendai after three years?"
Dare not! Dare not! ……
The magic sounds are mixed together and handed out in a mighty way, and the echoes are endless in the valley. This statement is about how to watch the excitement with tens of thousands of people at the same time.
How unnatural is it for my younger brother to take the initiative to challenge the sect elders? The four gaps between refining one’s initial state and quenching one’s breath are left there in vain. Isn’t ambition and perseverance able to make up for the blink of an eye when three years have passed? What can be done?
The brain gradually lost its function when it crashed, and looked at Chen Shaobai with admiration and sympathy
If it is true that a genius like Stuart Yutang can set a precedent, what Chen Shaobai is doing now can be said to be unprecedented. In other words, his words can be summed up in four words-digging his own grave
Red hair fluttering in the wind Huo Qinglong’s bloody eyes y and n stared coldly at Chen Shaobai’s complex emotions, which seemed to be brewing in his eyes, and the desperate madness gradually weakened.
A moment later, the murder in his eyes was hidden and he snorted at a pair of scenes. Shui Han said, "It’s his own death. After three years, even if I kill him all, I can’t pursue anything!"
What can you do in just three years? From the breakthrough of refining oneself to quenching gas? Even if Chen Shaobai can slow down when he enters the Taixu Temple, it is absolutely impossible to achieve such a state by practicing hard!
Besides, Huo Qinglong paid a great price for his strength. Is it comparable to the strong in the ordinary [refined array]?
Jīng Shui Han’s j and ng eyes seem to be thinking about the countermeasures, such as the little teacher younger brother’s "reckless impulse" to pay the bill
But at this moment, Jing Shui Han tilted his head and looked at Chen Shaobai, but suddenly he saw a pair of sparkling and suggested persistent eyes and nodded his head. "So be it."
See his position HuoQingLong nose slightly shaking cold hum step by step and disappeared in the field.
"Little teacher younger brother do you really want to bet with him? Three years is too short! It is said that you have formed a younger brother’s party, which has many members. Can you find some beautiful women to ask the second brother to kill him before he goes out? In this case, you are not stood up. "
See Jing Shui Han a pair of serious thinking appearance Chen Shaobai profuse cold sweat.
Guangtianhua Ri plotted to entrap the patriarch of Zongmen. This senior brother still looks like a natural person, showing that he is not a kind generation. This sentence reveals less about his two younger brothers of Zunmen. There are some … informal sections.

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