[99] Fu Wang is your master?

? I haven’t seen Tang Feng all afternoon. I think he should still be in the room talking to his master.
Ever since I learned that Tang Feng was a gentleman of Tangmen, Lu Fei’s heart was full of doubts. Didn’t he say that Tangmen was isolated and rarely connected with the outside world? How did they let Tang Feng join the mystery investigation bureau?
This Tang Feng is also a good Tang Men gentleman. Why should he go to the Mystery Investigation Bureau as a mere deputy head?
Think impassability Liu Fei is really think impassability.
Since I can’t figure it out, Lu Fei naturally wants to find someone to ask a clear question. It is suspected that the captain is the best person to ask. However, when I think of the character of "Leaving", Lu Fei immediately backed out.
This woman is a little cold and has a fight with Xiaoxiao’s master Han Xin ‘er.
When I think of Han Xin ‘er and Liu Fei’s difficulty, I think of Xiaoxiao Xiaoxiao. Is everything okay now? What about her physical injury?
Liu Fei’s mood was instantly depressed, and he went to sit alone in his room and secretly felt sad …
Tang Feng still didn’t show up at dinner until Fu Bo led Lu Fei and "Song" to return to their residence after dinner. Tang Feng was a little tired and appeared in front of them with a face of apology. "I’m sorry I haven’t met my master for a long time, but I forgot when I chatted."
As the host, he should have accompanied Lu Fei and Li Ge to dinner.
"Ha ha, it’s all right. It’s the same if you have a blessing to take us to dinner!" Liu Fei smiled and said, "Tang Dage, is it difficult for you and your master because of my special training?" In fact, it is the same for me to learn other boxing methods. There is really no need to learn Tang Jiaquan! "
Liu Fei actually understands Tang Master’s mood at this time. Tang Jiaquan is a unique scholar of Tang Family from generation to generation. Now you will not be happy if you let him teach it to an outsider.
"It’s not as simple as you think-"Tang Feng shook his head and patted Lu Fei on the shoulder. "But I appreciate your intention!"
"Master has agreed to give you Tang Jiaquan. Have a good rest tonight. Your special training will be official from tomorrow!"
"Well, good!"
Liu Fei nodded his head. Since Tang Feng refused to explain too much, he didn’t ask much.
On the second day, Lu Fei got up early in the morning. Who knows that Tang Feng and Li Ge got up earlier than him, and they had been practicing in the courtyard for a long time.
It can be seen from the dueling that Tang Feng is already in the wind, and he will get a punch or a foot from time to time. Although the dueling is limited to moves, it does not make Tang Feng really angry, but it also makes Tang Feng flustered.
See Liu Fei Tang Feng immediately like to find a savior to stop this just escaped.
"Wake up? Shall I take you to breakfast? " Tang Feng asked with a smile
In fact, Tang Feng doesn’t want to take Lu Fei to breakfast. Everyone is a yogi, and it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t eat for two or three days.
"No, let’s be direct!" Lu Fei is very considerate with the wave.
To tell the truth, he also wants to see how powerful Tang Jiaquan can be compared with hidden weapons, who is admired by Tang Feng.
"Hey hey," Tang Feng a face of malicious laughs "why don’t you and the team leader first? I can work out a set of specific training methods according to your demonstrated ability. "
"Ah?" Liu Fei glanced at the footprints on Tang Feng’s chest and shook his head quickly. "No?" This guy is just up to no good. He’s beaten in the hands of the team leader, so how can he take me as a pawn?
"I feel very good!"
However, Lu Fei didn’t want to leave, but she was willing to. She and Tang Feng were just starting to rise. Because of Lu Fei’s appearance, they were forced to stop leaving. They didn’t enjoy themselves at all. At this time, they wished to find someone to play again.
And she also wants to see how strong it can be to kill more than a dozen Japanese ninja Lu Fei alone.
"Look at the trick!" The words sound just fell and "Song" leaped high like a rabbit, and the slender thigh twisted against Liu Feili like a pair of sharp scissors.
"I depend! Really come! "
Lu Fei scolded me for not daring to let Li Ge wring his foot and stomp his foot. The whole person had instantly moved to the abdomen several meters away. The cyclone spontaneously operated, and Lu Fei realized that he had aroused the true qi and was about to fight back. Then he heard Tang Feng shout, "Don’t make the true qi when you learn moves!"
"Ah?" Liu Fei is dumbfounded and not allowed to make the true qi? Then why bother?
Before he could react, "Long legs have once again appeared in front of Liu Fei" bang "and kicked Liu Fei far out.
"Are you stupid? Actually don’t hide? "
Tang Feng hurriedly ran to help Liu Fei with a face that didn’t good the spirit scold a way.
"I …" Can Liu Fei say that he doesn’t understand any moves at all?
In fact, every time I fight, I rely on brute force. Pure Yin is not reliable. Master has never taught him martial arts moves except for giving him a copy of Dengzhen Yinji and Maoshan Shenshu.
Dengzhen Yinji is a skill of mind, and there is no specific fighting style in Maoshan Dashen, not to mention it.
Everyone is learning moves. Lu Fei can’t directly invite Yin Lingshen to fight with Li Ge, can he? What’s more, Lu Fei hasn’t learned it at all
"Come again!" A kick flew Liu Fei’s "Song" and I didn’t intend to let Liu Fei’s figure flash "shua" and jumped towards Liu Fei again.
"Still coming?"
Liu Fei got a fright and just got a kick from her. Liu Fei didn’t want to get a second foot. He stepped on the "brush" and went around to the "double ape arch moon" behind him. His hands cut straight away from the song neck.
This trick was not learned from others, but he realized that Qian Xiaoxiao always liked to cover his eyes from behind when he was not injured. Lu Fei succeeded almost every time, so he realized this trick according to this.
"Huh?" Tang Feng’s eyes lit up, "Step by step?"
"Liu Fei, is it possible that you still have a relationship with the Maoshan Sect?"
"Hey hey in bucai is maoshan sent the eleventh generation brother! People call Fu Wang Chunyin my master! "
Liu Fei replied smugly while cutting to the "neck"
"What? Fu Wang! " Tang Feng exclaimed Liu Fei but screamed out.
Not only did he fail to cut his neck, but he was hit by a elbow in his lower abdomen and stomach. Lu Fei fell directly behind him.
"Your master is Fu Wang?" I always don’t like to leave people with false words, and at this time I couldn’t help but look at Liu Fei with a face of accident.
"Yes! Is there any problem? " Liu Fei asked with a puzzled face.
"Really? Is your master really a Fu Wang? "
Tang Feng a dashed to a drag Liu Fei from the ground up nasty asked.
"Uh-"Liu Fei was afraid to look at them weakly and said, "You two won’t be enemies with Pure Yin, will you? If you want revenge, go straight to him! I don’t know him at all-"
"You are so funny. How can we have a grudge against Fu Wang?" Tang Feng looked excited and said, "Not only does he have no enmity with us, but he is also kind to us!"
"Shout-"Liu Fei was relieved. It’s good to have no enemies. So innocent people, Liu Fei, are really worried that his enemies are everywhere.
"It’s strange that since you are Mao Shandi, how can your skill be so bad? At least their Sanqing swordsmanship is a very commendable martial art? " Tang Feng stared at Liu Fei with a puzzled face, and his eyes were full of doubts.
"Hey, I’m just getting started. I haven’t learned yet!" Liu Fei said wryly, "Besides, my master’s old man’s house is too unreliable to teach me well at all."
"Are you really Fu Wang’s apprentice?" "Also looked at Liu Fei with a face of doubt.
"…" Liu Fei directly rolled his eyes and said, "Do you want me to come to your head with a LeiFu to prove my identity?"
I never thought that Tang Feng said excitedly, "Good!"

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