Poor Atletico Madrid!
Without AS, Real Madrid’s escort, Daily Sports, Barcelona’s defense, and the Champion’s struggle, Atletico Madrid is like a stepmother in this circle. Sometimes you may get pity, but you will never get true love.
In football field, the phrase "the enemy is the friend" sometimes doesn’t necessarily apply to Atletico Madrid’s predicament. Barcelona always shouts "Daily Sports" lists the scores of Atletico Madrid in the last five games with a sparse picture of the stands, and writes in a mocking tone, "When Atletico Madrid fans who claim to be the most patient in Europe give up their teams, you have to admit that football is so cruel."
I am willing to take all the responsibility for the team’s loss. I have handed in my resignation to the board of directors, and now I hope the board of directors will respect my decision. The report from Madrid’s AS newspaper seems to be quite neutral. They did not show too much "emotion" about Atletico Madrid’s current situation, but did not say a word. The original text quoted Atletico Madrid coach aguirre to speak at the press conference and then made a serious comment. "aguero was injured for more than half of the season with seven rounds left in the league." The last straw to crush the camel has always been surrounded by class news after entering the New Year. aguirre finally chose to resign, but for Atletico Madrid, this is obviously important because having a head coach has no influence on them … "It seems that they have forgotten that Real Madrid is not the only first-class team in their Madrid.
Never expect the media to cheer you up when you are frustrated. This is an old saying, because compared with this falling stone and cynicism, it is their favorite. At that time, no one would care whether the object of their ridicule was once a team that was praised by them, especially in this region, where national concepts are extremely strong
Enrique cerezo slammed his hand file on the table and several newspapers flew out instantly, which made him so angry. Naturally, it can’t be just a few cynical newspapers who can sit in this position. Which one is not a steel frame? The source of his anger is the file he just held in his hand.
A lot of resignation reports
Everyone knows that aguirre announced his resignation at the post-match press conference, but they don’t know whether it was his resignation. It wasn’t the Mexican old man who was an assistant coach, two first-team coaches and the second-team coach. The Mexican old man took away almost the entire coaching staff from Atletico Madrid. It was time to renew the contract, and the team maintained the tactical consistency of the first-team team. E Hill absurdly agreed that the head of the team was aguirre’s own life, which finally led to such an embarrassing situation today.
Cerezo sat heavily in his seat, took off his glasses and closed his eyes, and began to slowly press his swollen temples. It seemed that he wanted to calm himself down, but even if he closed his eyes for such a moment, several nouns still floated in his mind: Little Hill, new coach, negotiation, aguero …
Players need their own state of mind, The head coach’s heart is his own record. cerezo, the chairman of an old club, obviously needs a lot of heart, especially when he used to be the odd chairman Hill. No one would like the role of "puppet". Old Hill has left, but his shares are still in Little Hill, the biggest shareholder of the club. Mexican old man aguirre ordered cerezo to have an unhappy relationship with Little Hill. At that time, cerezo gave way, which made the outside world more secure his title of "puppet chairman". Aguirrema took over from cerezo as chairman and just resigned. After less than five years of competition, the frequency of changing coaches is not a healthy sign for a team. cerezo is really tired of playing with Hill Jr. on this coach issue.
Although he is a "puppet chairman", he is also the first person in name. The team can’t be handsome all day. Now he is happy to leave the problem of head coach to Little Hill to decide, although he doesn’t think the other party will take over at this time. He picked up the phone and dialed the damn number …
It was only less than half an hour before cerezo spoke.
This may be the fastest agreement between cerezo and Hill Jr. The new head coach will be discussed after the season. Now Hill Jr. rarely plays a joke on him. Maybe he can be the acting head coach.
Cerezo shook his head with a wry smile and stretched out his hand to draw a copy from a pile of papers on the table. This is the personnel file sent by the Ministry of Personnel before. Since the head coach candidate will be discussed after the season, it is naturally much simpler to choose the acting head coach candidate, or it is easier to digest it or recruit externally. It seems that there are two choices. Actually, there is a coach with a little ability and fame. No one wants to take over a rotten stall at this time, let alone a coach who is doomed to be short-lived. Does he have no ability to recruit externally?
It wasn’t long before a word came in. It was his secret.
"Mr. Chairman, the team doctor Lin has something to see you. Is it possible now?"
"Lin? Team doctor? "
Cerezo glanced at the hand file, which was a standard oriental face photo, and people smiled brilliantly.
Chapter IV Amateur
Free press
This is a sports newspaper in Spain, which is not small in scale. Of course, it can’t compare with the famous newspapers such as Marca and AS, which cover football matches and other aspects of sports news. Although France competes with other major newspapers, it also has its own foothold in Spain.
Freedom newspaper is headquartered in the capital Madrid, just like other major leagues in Europe, the geographical facts of football in each league also determine the direction of media public opinion. For example, AS, which is headquartered in Madrid, is always biased towards Real Madrid, so it is called Real Madrid Team Newspaper, while Daily Sports in Catalonia is always like Barcelona’s flag-waving, and rival teams can often be most directly reflected in the representative newspapers in its region.
From this point of view, the viewpoint of the free press is objective, because although it is headquartered in Madrid, because of the AS and Marca newspapers, the free press has lost some weight even if it wants to shout at Real Madrid, which seems to be somewhat important. Perhaps it is because it is aware of this that the free press is well-informed and has established its newspaper viewpoint on a "neutral" position.
This position has both good and bad advantages, that is, fans on both sides will not offend and ensure newspaper sales, while the bad part is that there are no absolute dead readers.
Rod Gonzalez is the deputy editor-in-chief of the free newspaper. Although the free newspaper is not big, it can sit in this position. Rod naturally has many networks in the industry, including many fans, such as Cesc Barr, the head of Atletico Madrid’s largest fan organization
"You know?" At this time, in a bar, Rod looked at Barr with a face of surprise.
"Just know soon" Barr took a sip of beer and looked a little faint. He just asked Rod out this time to confirm to Rod that a large number of coaches followed the news that head coach aguirre left. Rod gave him a positive answer.
Obviously there is no smoke without fire.
"Damn it," Rod was even more surprised to get a positive answer. "You are better informed than me. This is news. Didn’t you read the newspaper recently? Where did you know that?"
Newspapers …
What newspaper did Barr cold hum? He is really not in the mood to watch others sing praises of their own team’s sworn enemies and sneer at their favorite team.
"Don’t ask me if you have any news about the new coach?" Barr looks up at Rod and ignores Rod’s surprise and asks casually.
"yes!" Rod replied without hesitation "and it’s an explosive news"
"Oh?" Barr took another swig of beer. The explosive news from Rod’s mouth was not explosive at all in his eyes. Now what’s the point of Atletico Madrid discussing who will lead the team?
After squinting at a half-dead Balrod, he smiled and spit out a sentence: "The new coach is a team doctor!"
"Poof …"
This explosive came out
Barr directly sprayed the beer that had just been poured out, ignoring that Hu was glistening hops and stared at the round eyes. "Team doctor?" !”
"And he’s from China."
Rod see satisfied looking at Barr reaction mouth spit out a word again.
This Barr is blue in the face.
Two days later, Atletico official website announced that the former Atletico employee Lin Sen became the acting head coach of Atletico Madrid. The young China will lead Atletico Madrid to the last seven games of the season. The two sides signed a short-term contract. Whether to renew the contract will depend on the situation.
When the news came out, the world was in uproar.
At the beginning of the headline season, Major General Atletico Madrid was placed in this position. Marca newspaper gave such a headline in huge bold type.
There are two explanations for the word giveup. One is to give up, and the other is to surrender. Which explanation is full of irony at this time? It’s not just Marca. Almost all the media have reported similar words in this matter. aguirre resigned unexpectedly, but it’s reasonable. Atletico Madrid has wanted it in the season. It’s a fact that everyone knows, but no one expected that cerezo would choose an amateur coach with no coaching experience as the acting head coach.
It is said that after learning the news, Atletico fans have organized people to protest at Atletico headquarters. Many extreme fans held various slogans and wantonly abused the top management of the team. Some fans attacked the headquarters building with stones and other sundries. Fortunately, the police arrived without causing personal danger.
The whole thing, the media and fans vented all their anger on Atletico Madrid’s top management, Yu Linsen, a poor wretch who was not even qualified as a scapegoat.
Just when the outside world turned upside down, Lin Sen had packed all his personal belongings in the clinic and prepared to settle in the head coach’s office. No one expected that things would develop like this. Lin Sen himself did not expect that the outside world had been speculating about how it all happened, but the fact was unexpectedly simple.
He was going to talk to cerezo about aguero, but cerezo asked him if he was qualified as a coach. Of course, he was qualified as a coach, and it was very advanced. Without his interest in football, he could not have come to be a team doctor and become a head coach. It was once a dream, but this dream gradually died out with time. After all, he was too small in the field of coaching, but cerezo’s proposal made him shine! So the next thing is logical.
What’s wrong with being a head coach?
On the tactical level of coaching experience, he may be half a bucket of water now, but he can’t hold on to the leading level of nearly ten years. If possible, Guardiola will blow up the extreme control flow in Barcelona in the season. Maybe he will burst into tears. On the level of human trafficking … The so-called vision is a low-level ability in his eyes. Lin Sen doesn’t intend to change his track, but now that he has this opportunity and the most powerful plug-in in in the world, he feels that he may not become the greatest coach in history. But it doesn’t make sense to be a successful coach, at least the most profitable coach. Well,
Of course, the crowd here can’t be the media, nor are they taking the opportunity to vent their dissatisfaction with the fans throughout the season, but the most practical team in front of him!
Even aguirre can’t know more about the state of Atletico Madrid than Lin Sen does now. In Lin Sen’s eyes, Atletico Madrid can hardly see the color outside except for a few players. There is no color, that is, there is no state. But the problem is that these people are playing instead of wandering. The color they should appear most should be green, preferably dark green, which represents the excited state.
Hope is beautiful, reality is cruel, knowing what state doesn’t mean Lin Sen can change the mentality of the players when they look at the next game and what they plan to play. This is different from physical injury, which is not controlled by drugs, but depends on the handling method. Lin Sen doesn’t recognize that he has Mourinho’s personal charm, which can make the players work for themselves. It’s even worse that people’s personal charm is a real champion, so he is willing to make a bet.
If you win the bet, there will be one more football coach in Taiping World, at least blazing with anger.
It’s still peaceful after losing the bet. Linsen is so despondent that he should keep walking.
So Lin Sen decided to hold a team meeting at three o’clock in the afternoon.
Lin Sen came to the conference room at 2: 30, and then he called up the current standings and the next three La Liga matches on the screen of the conference room. Then he began to sit on the stage and wait for the players to arrive.
At 2: 46, Antonio Lopez, who was nice to Tomlinson, and Italian baldheaded goalkeeper abbiati hrisianabbiai Luis Garcia luisgaria, who came to the conference room on loan from Milan A, nodded at Tomlinson and sat in the seat without saying anything, waiting for two minutes. After aguero was injured, Uruguayan star Frandiegfrlá n appeared alone. He also nodded to Tomlinson. Since Fran, no one has come alone, and all the players have appeared in twos and threes, including young people, small groups, old players and small circles of old players, which is no exception in the team.
At 2: 59, Tomlinson saw a team of 26 players in Atletico Madrid’s first team. The number of players was not bloated. hiaga, a professional glass man, was not able to attend the meeting because of injury. Twenty-five people were present at the meeting. Now there are fifteen people and ten people have not arrived. Tomlinson is going to see who hasn’t arrived. aguero stepped in at the door and rushed Tomlinson to smile and go straight to the back seat.
Okay, we’re nine short.
Five minutes later, the first five people of Argentine goalkeeper Franco will attend the meeting.
Minutes later, Spanish genius Reyes annireyes and defender Pe? a pernia attended the meeting.
Fifteen minutes later, Portuguese winger Simao sia and Portuguese midfielder Ma Niqie finally arrived.

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